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  3. wanted mk3 supra r154 front propshaft

    hey, looking for a mk3 supra r154 front propshaft piece, don't mind if the bearing is gone i just need the actual part that slips into the gearbox and i will attach my mkiv supra bearing carrier and nut onto the end anybody holding and fancies selling?
  4. hello

    hey everybody! i've just signed up, i have a mkiv supra, signed up for a look around that's all and also on the hunt for a mk3 supra propshaft
  5. Parts Wanted RHD

    I have a 1990 Toyota Supra. RHD. 2.0L twin turbo. I'm looking for various parts.. If anyone has them. The front side marker passenger side. They are not like regular supra, they have a bulge on them. Anyone know of any RHD parts cars or someone with parts? I would be interested in other parts. Thanks.
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  7. Cb4-s Supra MKIII 7M

    Thanks. 4-Piston front MB brakes sound interesting. Looked it up, and there are a lot of info about it. http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?969274-Bolt-on-4-Piston-front-MB-brakes-amp-2-Piston-rear-Evo-brakes Well see what winter brings and it goes to "to Do list" Main concern now is new Clutch. I can't decide, which i would use. Last nigt i drove supra in the rain for the firt time with this 500Hp setup. And found out that 500Hp car with no Traction controll and rainy tarmac, is quite intresting
  8. GUIDE: Recirculating the HKS SSQBOV

    yeah , 'cos Photobucket stopped free hosting , you will probably now see this all over the internet. oddly though the BHG guide seems unaffected maybe the first 50 pics are ok or something
  9. GUIDE: Recirculating the HKS SSQBOV

    No pictures
  10. Brake lights not working

    I’ve checked all the fuses, but I haven’t had a chance to check the brake pedal switch, or the relay box near the left side light group either
  11. Brake lights not working

    switch on pedal is where i would look first
  12. Brake lights not working

    If its all the brakes and nothing else , id suspect the switch which is usually on the brake pedal . check powers getting to it , and when its applied , through it. Unless it works by providing an earth , in which case ... check its doing that .
  13. Brake lights not working

    Checked that the wires are getting power with s multimeter? And you have checked both fuse boxes?
  14. Brake lights not working

    So my brake lights aren’t working. I’ve checked all the fuses, and the sockets. The marker lights still work, it’s just when I hit the brakes that they don’t light up. I’m assuming it’s something along the harness to the lights, any ideas or experiences with this?
  15. Cb4-s Supra MKIII 7M

    Hey thats quite a car - congrats! well done for using megasquirt too I might do that next time ecu blows. Brakes - A cheap way to get some better brakes is to use some 4 pot brembos from a Mercedes -they bolt more or less straight on. Some mercs use a brembo caliper that fits existing supra discs , or you can get big merc/brembo calipers that use a bigger thicker disc. Easy to find in scrap yards. I got that same wideband gauge , but none of the other stuff hehe
  16. Cb4-s Supra MKIII 7M

    Hello, I will briefly explain my supra. I also add a few videos that clearly explain my story. 2012 I bought a broken supra. 1989. Dark red. 7MGTE and R154 Manula. In addition, Targa. Everything that can be broken was broken. Through several years I rebuilt (bodywork was done by a specialist) gradually the whole car. At first I tried the original parts and got 300 HP and 500Nm form engine. The car was also sold, but I bought it back again. At the beginning of this year, I started with the engine once again, aiming at min 500hp. In the dyno came just over 500 hp and over 700Nm. :tongue: It is heavily smoothed out. Peak otherwise is 360Kw and 670Nm from back wheels. Dyno is on 900Kg rolls. On the road, the turbo wakes up already at 3200 rpm(1 bar/14,5psi boost) and the maximum boost is available at 3600-3700 rpm. In the firs gear turbo spools up to 1.5Bar (22 Psi) around 4000 rpm. I'm slowly developing the car. And the topic is to share thoughts and work done and alsow ask for advice. The car is my hobby. It can be a dayli driver and a track car(Drag). Sorry for my mistakes. English is not my native language. Changes: ARP Cover bolts Bosch 044 gasoline pump Innovate Motorsports Wideband Broadband Lambda and gauge Boost gauge Oil pressure gauge EGT sensor and gauge Water-methanol spray (2 nozzles) (no longer in used) 2.5 " inlet pipework 3 " larger intercooler 3.5 "Db Stainless 3.5 "simon reso and stainless release Electronic boost controller HSD coilovers (adjustable height, damper stiffness and spring stiffness separately) NGK candle wires 580cc injectors First Strutbar MegaSquirt 2v3 (launch control, flat shift, and more), Turbo Holset HX 40 Super Exaust mainfold is self made. New pistons and rings (NPR) New bearings (Clevin P) New AISIN Original Oil Pump (Need to Upgrade) Cometic MHG gasket Biltema WG 50mm Blow off Work done: Ported and polished block cover Grinded block (polished) Inlet Thermal Seals New ACT clutch disc and original PP (need a new one) New brake discs and blocks. (need bigger ones) Swapped oils in difris, engine and box(09.2017). Replaced coolant All gaskets, coils, rollers and belts are new. At the moment, there is a concern with the clutch. Right now i used an ACT (Street) disc and an original PP (at best Clamp), which lived like 250km on current hp. So im looking for new PP and Disc. It has to hold 600Hp and 800Nm (520Whp and 600lb ft) I really like Driftmotion Stage 3.5 Clutch Kit for R154 http://www.driftmotion.com/NEW-Driftmotion-Stage-3-5-Clutch-Kit-for-R154-p/dm3326.htm Some pictures and videos from this year. From 2012 to 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwVWTOtPkXk&t=12s 2016 winter - 2017 summer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56a5H7WnSN4 On drag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFLOcgAKL5Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyqAJPZ95j4 And some pictures:
  17. GUIDE: Removing the PCV system

    Sadly photobucket have decided to remove third party hosting and as a side effect broken all the guides, they have made a lot of people unhappy (me included) so sadly we have no pics now
  18. GUIDE: Removing the PCV system

    How do I view these photos I get a pic of photobucket,com
  19. Hinckley Town Centre classic car show 24-Sept

    That Lada!!!
  20. ECU troubles

    Put on a new TPS. Pretty sure old one was good anyways because I didn't calibrate it properly the first time. Connected NSW wire to 12V power when cranking Adjusted timing. Started running really well for around 5 minutes, then suddenly massive stalling problems. Would not even idle. No engine codes. Cleaned ISCV, no change. Unplugged it -> large difference and idles again! It's still missing but needs an ISCV and timing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY66vm9JKhc Thanks for the help anyways, this one was a doozy as it was multiple problems on an engine that has been in storage for a while. Dino, I couldn't find that sensor, but I did verify that it was only for the gauge and that the vacuum port was blocked off. I imagine yours was running poorly because it was a massive leak for you! Thank you anyhow Hopefully I can get to driving this thing now. -Paul
  21. ECU troubles

    did you put the turbo pressure sensor back in?
  22. Hinckley Town Centre classic car show 24-Sept

    This show was heaving, loads and loads of viewing public, you would of thought it was a Saturday rather than a Sunday, nick and me certainly got quite of bit of interest shown towards our cars, even if one of them was not very talkative. 1990 TOYOTA SUPRA AREO TOP by shagracer, on Flickr THE STIG by shagracer, on Flickr TOYOTA SUPRA by shagracer, on Flickr should you want to see what else was there, just click onto any of the pictures and that will take you into my flickr set
  23. ECU troubles

    Well I went through all my ECU wiring for my engine conversion, again. I'm not sure I found anything. I removed the wiring setup I had from the ECU's FC terminal for my fuel pump relay just to be sure of everything this time though. I put on a new ECU from an automatic transmission car. No more code 22 for water temp! I now have codes for Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal (code 42) and Switch Signal (51). Replaced all the vacuum lines too. Still running pretty crappy with hesitating and missing and running rich and stalling, so I ordered a new TPS. Tried calibrating my old TPS but it seems fishy right at 0% throttle. So I'll let you guys know what a new TPS does for me. Any ideas why I have code 42 now? I only see one connector for the transmission, and two wires for the reverse lights. Those are connected. Is it because the ECU is from an A/T and the car is a M/T? Thanks,
  24. The dreaded rattle!

    It will be my first job on Saturday before I start the rear brake overhaul.
  25. The dreaded rattle!

    std thread n yeah mainly the big one but i'd check them all while there
  26. The dreaded rattle!

    Just the big bolt for the pulley and is it left hand thread?
  27. The dreaded rattle!

    mine idles at 0.6psi on hot idle. 20 at slightest tough to throtle and 40 if near 2.5k rpm. it's also worth checking the front pully dampers are done up nice n tight tight
  28. The dreaded rattle!

    I don't think they are very accurate but I was told that anything 20psi or above at hot idle is fine for a 7M
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