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  2. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    everything checked out, one last issue, fires up and runs perfect when its cold, when its at operating temp and I turn it off then start it again I got a misfire, what would cause that?
  3. Last week
  4. Mk3 smashed by Police

    no that was another police camera action in a red supra lol he lied to them about everything and then cried.
  5. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    It would only have been you using it anyway.
  6. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    Sorry Steve I have only just seen your post. I won't be taking a supra here as taking samba and honda instead and on a different stand with other sambas.
  7. Mk3 smashed by Police

    Wasn't the driver of the car an active member of mkiii.net?
  8. What have you done to your car today ...

    Had an on/off clunking noise over tiny little stutter bumps like those you'd find rolling into a traffic calming area. I assumed it was suspension related at first, new coilovers were fitted and everything checked out fine. Thought it was the brake caliper moving on the slider pin, seems not to be the case. Thought it was wheel weight related, nope. Slowly bit by bit rolling around under the car I looked for the problem and then thought I might give the subframe nuts a tug. One wasn't quite tight enough, it wasn't loose by any means but there was a tiny bit of tightening I could do. That seems to have solved the noise, driving it around last night I made a point to aim for those little stutter bumps that caused the noise previously and nothing... Mystery solved (I hope!)
  9. Mk3 smashed by Police

    lol they also couldn't figure out how to get the keys out i think which may have made them do it to distract the lads while they dragged them out. would of written the car off in todays market lol
  10. Mk3 smashed by Police

    That's a blast from the past! lol Why did the cops smash the screen when the drivers window was open? Don't they know that trim is a PITA
  11. Mk3 smashed by Police

    soooooo do you remember many moons back in the opening credits of police camera action or something was a grey mk3 getting the windscreen smashed. so i made a comment to my other half who looked at me blank. so i said you never heard of smilie culture???? she hadn't so i went n found it on utube. it seems the person who made the video i clicked on added some police chase type stuff on and there was the nice looking grey mk3 lol
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  13. Fuel tank required

    I don't know if u are near but I got my brand new tank for sale it does have a fuel sump welded on I did find from 1 Toyota dealer a brand new tank cost 500 bucks I'll sell for 250 with sump
  14. What type of NGK cold plug for 7MGTE

    taken from James's guide on changing spark plugs. The gap should be 0.8mm on a turbo (1.1 mm on a 7M-GE) Standard plugs for 7M-GTE : BCPR6ES (or choose EY = V-groove, EP = Platinum, EIX = Iridium) For 7M-GE : BCPR5ES (ditto as above) Heat range 7 is a colder plug which is recommended, particularly for BPU cars
  15. Warwick town centre show

    Only just saw this, otherwise I would have taken the girls down, maybe next time
  16. What type of NGK cold plug for 7MGTE

    I have a 7MGTE. I want to get a cold plug for my car. What is the part number for NGK?
  17. What have you done to your car today ...

    So, a few things have occurred since my last update. My plan to build new inner arch shields out of rubber came to nothing as I couldn't find anything that would hold the rubber to the inner arch and I don't want to drill. So I bought a new compressor and put 2 tins of Bilt Humber over the rear. Fitted the 255 fuel pump to the tank Refitted the tank to the car Added 50% of the 12v constant fuel pump wiring to the car (yep, 50%, because that's how this car has spent a 18 months now in bits) Refitted the new fuel hoses So, I need to do the handbrake cables, propshaft and then start knocking the various rear arms into the correct holes. And I bought a GT86. I've been researching S/C kits...
  18. Warwick town centre show

    So as a few of us southerners are going t'north on Sunday are any of the northern guys going to come and join us? We will be starting with a show at Highnam Court Glostershire on Saturday 12th then driving up to Warwick staying overnight at the Premier Inn, then on to the Warwick town centre show early Sunday morning. Be good to see some of you if you fancy a day out, you could take the kids to the castle too....
  19. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    I have the stand passes. Craig, text me your address and I'll send them to you if you want them.
  20. Vibration

    My 7MGTE had a similar feeling to it before I replaced the boost pressure recirc/bypass valve, I had the valve out to check it because the turbo sounded like it was fluttering, sure enough I could blow straight through it off the car (failed open) so boost pressure was leaking back into the turbo inlet continuously. Fitted a GFB Respons valve which is dual port adjustable between recirculating and atmospheric blow off (I have it set 50 50) after that it isn't stuttery, spools up smooth and quickly, blows off cleanly with no flutter (compressor surge) at all, the car feels so much better, check yours out.
  21. GUIDE: Fitting Electric (Mondeo) fans

    Hey Suzy, Welcome to the forums The Fords uses a 40amp fuse for these cooling fans, there is a 60amp fuse too, but this is also for the glowpins (If diesel)
  22. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    Low to no compression if they don't seat correctly
  23. New from Washington DC

    Love the colour and the originality.
  24. New from Washington DC

    Hello everyone, this is my 91 turbo i purchased from original owner last year.
  25. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    that's what I thought, we are going to do a compression test on it, and if is dropping compression, that will explain it. I found out, ive got spark across the board, but if the valves aren't sealing would that do it?
  26. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    I thought you mentioned that you had good compression figures? Even so, you should still have spark across the board
  27. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    went at it with a friend of mine, we checked everything there. according to what this guy was telling me, (and I trust him...) its pointing towards a valve alignment issue, like there is damage to the valve guide. I think I need a new cyl head, ugh this is a pain in the ass, and an expensive one, anyone got a decent 7mge head lying around that they are willing to part with ?
  28. 7m engine trolley

    Location: South Beds Payment: cash on collection/bank transfer etc Price: £20 Description: Small trolley to support and allow safe storage and easy movement of a 7m engine outside of car Will look for another image hosting site
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