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    I loved the torque and hated the reliability1
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    Well I dont *really* hate anything about my supra but here goes .... I dont like: - the substandard paint job I put on it (must try again or bite bullet and pay up) - my inability to waterproof the rear end (must try again) - the weak CT12a turbos - the weak mk4 na clutch - the slow air loss in o/s/f tyre - the big buttons on the dash that use too much room imho - the way the spare tyre intrudes into bootspace - unreliable 1JZ ecu units - lack of ODB2 compatibility - the mpgs I do like: - the classic look of the car - the look of the engine (1J , ffim) - the power / potential of the 1J - the top comes off! - its black - manual - frameless windows - pop up lights - telling people the cars older than they are lastly: RWD driving
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    It's still there as far as I know, it'll possibly have the 1ggte as well.
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    Thought I'd get this back on track, shame you've got to sell they're getting rarer by the day.
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    You should have some coin in the account now fella
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    There's a donate bar on the bottom of the home page (mobile) and on the side of the home page (desktop)
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    ^ truth If you can actually manage to get it off without destroying it, I'm down for the entirety of the plastic trim around the circumference of your car. The pre-facelift metal backed crap on mine has been slowly rotting for years and is impossible to find these days. And your heater controls please assuming they've not been claimed! Feels bad raiding a serviceable car
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    Hmm, not sure I need the potential headache associated with a rotary. I'll continue to look and admire from afar I think! (or at least until I sort my Supra properly)
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    Another friend's had a couple of those. Estate is current 'daily' and also drift slag with a welded diff, silly low and as you can see here, scuffed paint. And if I were to buy the RX I'd take the turbo off it immediately, just run it as it was meant. I feel like the butchery gone on there is 99% of the reason why it doesn't run. My 7M has been popped too many times, it now drinks too much oil so I'm also looking at grabbing a Lexus. A GS300 so I can steal the engine out of it for 2JZ Supra fun.
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    What era of RX is it? A friend of mine has a really nice condition FB that's just had an engine rebuild. Currently not running for 'reasons'