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    I did replace the blown EFI fuse. Once that was done the car was cranking. The fuel relay I'm referring to is the one that I've installed to run 12v to the Walbro fuel pump that's fitted. I have to bypass this relay at the moment. I found an alternative guide online on how to wire it up. Whilst dodging showers I test fitted the exhaust system. It's, err, kinda obvious that it's naughty. Anyway, whilst eyeing up the space I've got to fabricate the fuel tank shield, I noticed that unfortunately it appears that the fuel tank has gained a new leak since it last ran. At this point I walked away from the car. I really CBA with this POS anymore.
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    Good spot and good job 7m's are non interference!
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    Thanks for the reply Brent, have solved the problem. The timing belt had jumped, crank pulley mark was about 10 o'clock with cams lined up ! Why the thing started, let alone ran, is beyond me. Reset the timing. all is hunky dory.
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    "only safety feature is ABS" You were Lucky! ( in best Monty Python voice ) You've got ABS *and* cruise? I've got neither I dont think the JDM market was big on these things , or mines just bottom of the range . I do got flippy mirrors and cooler looking back lights though,.
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    I had the same problem once and stupidly enough I wired the battery in wrong.... And all the dash lights were lighting up as well so check you've got your terminals right and the earthing. (Car also had a Clifford)
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    Well was that was frustraing. Have rained all day yesterday and then freezing temperatures overnight I finally got out to the car around 1030. Got all the wiring finished Redid some cables Eventually traced a dead relay on the fuel pump and then finally, at 1600, I popped the key and turned.... Nothing. Not a sausage. Not even a hint of a crank. The dash lights up, I know I've got power, but nothing happening. Not even a signal to the fuel pump. My current working assumption is the clifford alarm has an immobiliser and with the batteries dead in the keyfob, then the immobiliser wont' let me play. This could be a problem. It could also be I've forgotten how to start the car.
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    30+ days since the last update... The water under the car actually belongs to a small rut in the pavement, so no random water leak into the car? Nope. The rear window seals leak enough to sink a boat. This is not ideal. The battery has relocated itself to the the gap vacated by the rear seat. New wires have been run though the car to hook the stock battery connectors up. Various old rotten trim has been removed and binned Some horrendous boy-racer under dash LED's have been found with some of the dodgiest wiring I've seen since I did a 'bass' install in an old Escort Tomorrow I intend to finish the fuel pump wiring (that 50% I mentioned a lifetime ago) and then, on a wiring roll, maybe put a fresh relay on the starter-motor. Then, maybe, just maybe, I put some ear defenders on and see if it runs. If that works I guess I need to put the exhaust on it and finish bolting all the suspension up. I'm sure I've forgotten something.
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    Oh yeah, and the way the thing drives. A rear wheel drive car that's only safety feature is ABS means it's a pretty pure driving experience, you can't get away with driving like a complete moron otherwise it'll bite you. It feels very old school.
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    I own a pre-facelift so I definitely hate the body trim rotting and falling off. Though I guess the car is lightening itself all the time?? I also hate the 7M for letting go of head gaskets, or rather I hate previous owners for not fixing it properly causing annoyance further down the line. Also you all know it's a fat old girl. And has the turning radius of an oil tanker. That said I grew up as a kid looking at them, they were rare as hell to see floating about and at a point I kinda forgot they existed (I'm assuming because they'd all had the heads blow and were sat in sheds). So whilst looking for a car to buy having one suggested was a real "oh sh*t, I forgot about these, you can get them for how much?!" kinda thing. I love the way they look, the front end view of these cars, particularly pre-facelift is real good with the widebody as standard. Pop ups are the superior headlight option and they'll never be a thing again, nothing makes kids go "whoa!" more than pop ups, they instantly thing the rattly old fart of a car is cool. I still smile when I use them. I love how obscenely long the doors are which limits your parking spaces, how little room there is in such a long car particularly for passengers. I love the dash setup with the dials all pointed towards the driver. I love i6 noises Frameless door windows. Cruise control. THE RIDICULOUSLY HUGE ASH TRAY (which you can use to stash stuff and also use wedge an iphone underneath the heater controls for sat nav use) I like more things about this car than I hate and that's despite it costing me too much money right off the bat taking the engine to bits. Need to get it 2JZ GE swapped, weld up a few bits and I'll happily drive it everywhere.
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    Disconnect the ABS speed sensor on Trans. Looks likes this. I had a issue where it wouldn't shift down to 1st.
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    Exactly as Phil describes, there is a separate ECU as per the guide which you bypass Unfortunately by knowledge of the 1G is about as vast as my knowledge on Russian Ballet. And no, I don't know anything about Russian ballet.