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    This show was heaving, loads and loads of viewing public, you would of thought it was a Saturday rather than a Sunday, nick and me certainly got quite of bit of interest shown towards our cars, even if one of them was not very talkative. 1990 TOYOTA SUPRA AREO TOP by shagracer, on Flickr THE STIG by shagracer, on Flickr TOYOTA SUPRA by shagracer, on Flickr should you want to see what else was there, just click onto any of the pictures and that will take you into my flickr set
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    Step 9 - Pop in your first allen key bolt and put the allen key on the end while you have the device in a position where you have good access. This way, when you slide the housing back over the body of the valve it will be easier to get it held in place Step 10 - Do all the 8 screws up and you're done. All you need to do now is run a pipe from the metal extension back to your accordion hose (There is already a port on the accordion hose waiting for a pipe) Step 11 - Use a jubilee clip to attach one end of the hose (1 inch hose) to the BOV Step 12 - Attach the other end to the AFM port (Which is probably capped with something at the moment)