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    So, a few things have occurred since my last update. My plan to build new inner arch shields out of rubber came to nothing as I couldn't find anything that would hold the rubber to the inner arch and I don't want to drill. So I bought a new compressor and put 2 tins of Bilt Humber over the rear. Fitted the 255 fuel pump to the tank Refitted the tank to the car Added 50% of the 12v constant fuel pump wiring to the car (yep, 50%, because that's how this car has spent a 18 months now in bits) Refitted the new fuel hoses So, I need to do the handbrake cables, propshaft and then start knocking the various rear arms into the correct holes. And I bought a GT86. I've been researching S/C kits...
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    There is a reluctor ring & pickup inside the dizzy that The ECU sends the IGT signal on the Y-G wire to the Igniter. If that's pulsing. It's unlikely a fault with the dizzy. Could you try a known good lead (any) on 2 with a plug connected and crank? If you have spark, this would indicate a faulty lead.
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    There is a guy in Alabama, USA that I have got a number of items for my mark 3 Supra from. He has five or six mark 3's. It may be worth checking him out on ebay. His ebay name is "hoofer72". Bear in mind that U.S spec mark 3's will be different.
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    Regarding VVTi or not, The vvti 2jzge/gte and non-vvti are internally identical from the head down. The vvti engines have been proven to produce more power at lower RPMS, however the trade off is that parts for them (cams for one) could be more expensive and rare. As for them being cheaper it just depends where you go.
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    Incorrect... Both vvti & non vvti are Non-interference.
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    I think Phil and I will be joining Jay & Connor on two wheels 😁👊
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    Figured you'd be bringing the sandrail. Stevie... do you wanna ride shotgun with me since Anne has deserted you?
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    you don't need the arms just new bolts
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    Will be on the FJR this time