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  1. 7M-GE Gearbox choices

    you will need to swap pistons and most over internals to get any long term use out of it
  2. 7M-GE Gearbox choices

    you got 220bhp from swapping in a supercharger and a carb. that's impressive, unbelievable but impressive. hope you've changed all the internal's because it won't take any boost on stock worth anything. finding those gearboxes in good condition for £600 will also be impressive. tbh you would have more success buying a w-58 to put back in it. all the best of luck.
  3. Merry Xmas Members

    Hope you all got what you wanted or deserved........ i'll leave you to decide which is which. much love. dino n Co
  4. Distributor oil leak.

    7m-GTE http://www.cygnusx1.net/Supra/Library/EPC/291220/catalog.aspx?F=1902&P=2 7m-GE http://www.cygnusx1.net/Supra/Library/EPC/291220/catalog.aspx?F=1902&P=1 there really shouldn't be any oil in there IMHO it will get onto the points and rotor arm............................
  5. Distributor oil leak.

    oh on side note. that gear being replaced won't stop any oil from getting past it so you will still have the leak afterwards anyway. as long as you have good o-rings of course.
  6. Distributor oil leak.

    at a guess you have the repair kit for the cps from a 7mgte which goes in the same hole. the na has a pressed on gear according to the epc. i'm still not sure where you think the oil is coming from tbh. and chance of a pic?
  7. 7mgte cooling problem

    yep the rad runs the trans oil through it to cool it your oil cooler will be bolted to the intercooler and the power steering cooler is under the nose cone
  8. S13 240sx exhaust on mk3 supra

    by the time you cut n welded a s13 one to fit. just make a cat back exhaust for your mk3. it requires around 6ft of straight pipe and 2 45degree preformed bends.
  9. Distributor oil leak.

    i would check that the leak really is coming from there. the cam covers leak in that area and do indeed look like it is from the distributor.
  10. Hi from swansea

    in the boot there is a removable panel on both sides put hand down in there to find the rust. it will be behind the bumper and hidden welcome to the clan.
  11. Brake lights not working

    switch on pedal is where i would look first
  12. ECU troubles

    did you put the turbo pressure sensor back in?
  13. The dreaded rattle!

    std thread n yeah mainly the big one but i'd check them all while there
  14. The dreaded rattle!

    mine idles at 0.6psi on hot idle. 20 at slightest tough to throtle and 40 if near 2.5k rpm. it's also worth checking the front pully dampers are done up nice n tight tight
  15. ECU troubles

    welll it made mine run with major black smoke everytime i hit boost on a tow rope tour. connected the vac line to it and boom run fine again.