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  1. Thinking of buying a supra. Any advice

    i should say it is rather modded, this was written a few years back when i was thinking of selling but never got round to advertising lol. could def do with selling as the other half has now seen a expensive wedding dress she likes last night too......oh why me lol Toyota Supra, Turbo Manual. this has been my pride and joy for 7 years but i have decided its time to buy a house so she must go, to help fund the house. The car is modified and is a lot of fun to drive. list of mods and work carried out below. full leather retrim, poss only covered 5k miles full respray last year after ALL rust/rot was cut out and replaced coil over adjustable suspension custom 3" exhaust system with removable baffle wide mouth down pipe to remove obstructions in flow stage 2 hybrid ct26 turbo larger 550cc injectors with lexus afm 6 puk sports clutch short shift stick, (not just cut down true short shift) FFIM larger intercooler from a 2.5tt supra k&n Air filter larger ally rad 19" 5 spoke alloys electronic boost controller This is a very special Supra indeed - not only is it a manual and a turbo, it has been restored and upgraded considerably over the last 7 years of my ownership. If you are new to the mk3 supra then you will find plenty of details online (I run one of the forums myself, mk3supra.org), these cars are astonishing value for money. Out of the box you get 232bhp and 254 ft/lbs torque with plenty of scope for more too. The engine is a straight 6 7MGTE which is capable of 500+bhp on standard internals. There are a few things that tend to let these cars down now, all of which are addressed on this car: 1. The dreaded rot - rust is very often lurking behind the wheel arches and this car was no exception. It has had a full professional strip down, new metal and full respray at considerable cost but can now genuinely claim to be rust free 2. The interior tends to show signs of age, especially the driver's seat bolster. This has had a full retrim in black/yellow which has only done ~5k miles In terms of modifications, these have been varied but include: - Adjustable coilover suspension - Custom 3" exhaust system with removable baffle and a wide mouth down pipe, this increases boost and lets the engine really sing - K&N air filter - Stage 2 hybrid ct26 turbo - 550cc injectors with Lexus LS400 airflow meter - a common upgrade to allow more boost - A custom front facing inlet manifold which allows better airflow and cleans the engine bay up - A larger intercooler from a 2.5tt Supra has been fitted - Large ally rad - 19" 5 spoke alloys - Electronic boost controller This is a very rare car to find in this condition, there isn't another like it for sale in the UK at the moment and you will struggle to find anything even close to the performance and finish for the money Genuine reason for sale, please don't hesitate to contact me if you want any further details or to arrange a viewing.
  2. Thinking of buying a supra. Any advice

    tbh it's a while since i been to see her (hangs head in shame) i have a old pic of the interior it's the same as it's done very lil miles since the retrim lol. other than that needs a good wash and pulling out for the other pics from memory it's trim round the windscreen and back window to finish the out side then the next place i was going wash the engine bay with new forged engine to handle more power which is why i was waiting for engine bay. but i lost heart cos the respray took so long and life moved forward lol
  3. Thinking of buying a supra. Any advice

    Had it quite a while she is 98% rot free thanks to having spent many hours cutting and welding new metal in then had a respray which was just before this pic was taken. lots of mods man turbo metal head gasket already in etc etc etc i'm looking for £5k, she isn't perfect hence 5k price tag some trim needs fitting still and few other bits but i've really fallen out of love with the project and could do with a new kitchen lol
  4. Thinking of buying a supra. Any advice

    gaskets 50 from toyota or simular 50 for bolts maybe 400 to do the job. if you not found one yet i could be parted from my supra for a reasonable fee
  5. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    feel free to hit me up if you fancy it
  6. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    mine is close to being mint, needs some trim putting on and i think i will have to get a spoiler wing resprayed as it's had a reaction £5k for my car though.

    stick a std clutch in it......... this from the man who has had two with 6 puk clutches...... the daily use means any thing other than a std will be hard to live with. and a std will live with a thrash now n then
  8. 7M-GE Gearbox choices

    you will need to swap pistons and most over internals to get any long term use out of it
  9. 7M-GE Gearbox choices

    you got 220bhp from swapping in a supercharger and a carb. that's impressive, unbelievable but impressive. hope you've changed all the internal's because it won't take any boost on stock worth anything. finding those gearboxes in good condition for £600 will also be impressive. tbh you would have more success buying a w-58 to put back in it. all the best of luck.
  10. Merry Xmas Members

    Hope you all got what you wanted or deserved........ i'll leave you to decide which is which. much love. dino n Co
  11. Distributor oil leak.

    7m-GTE http://www.cygnusx1.net/Supra/Library/EPC/291220/catalog.aspx?F=1902&P=2 7m-GE http://www.cygnusx1.net/Supra/Library/EPC/291220/catalog.aspx?F=1902&P=1 there really shouldn't be any oil in there IMHO it will get onto the points and rotor arm............................
  12. Distributor oil leak.

    oh on side note. that gear being replaced won't stop any oil from getting past it so you will still have the leak afterwards anyway. as long as you have good o-rings of course.
  13. Distributor oil leak.

    at a guess you have the repair kit for the cps from a 7mgte which goes in the same hole. the na has a pressed on gear according to the epc. i'm still not sure where you think the oil is coming from tbh. and chance of a pic?
  14. 7mgte cooling problem

    yep the rad runs the trans oil through it to cool it your oil cooler will be bolted to the intercooler and the power steering cooler is under the nose cone
  15. S13 240sx exhaust on mk3 supra

    by the time you cut n welded a s13 one to fit. just make a cat back exhaust for your mk3. it requires around 6ft of straight pipe and 2 45degree preformed bends.