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  1. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    I think Phil and I will be joining Jay & Connor on two wheels ??
  2. May Ragley Boat stop meet

    Sods law but we can't do this weekend anymore, sorry guys. Life is so busy at the moment!
  3. May Ragley Boat stop meet

    Oh dear anyone else? 1. Mel and Phil 3. Steve and Anne
  4. May Ragley Boat stop meet

    Hey everyone. We need to have a meet! When are you all free through May? Phil and I can pretty much do any Sunday
  5. Is there any castings on the diff casing that may help?
  6. March Ragley Boat Stop

    When shall we go? ?
  7. GUIDE: Resealing rear windscreen trim

    This post has just reminded me to bring you the trim removal tool so you didn't have to use a screwdriver... oops, Sorry...
  8. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    Well if anything goes than the fury would appreciate a spot to sit ?
  9. 1991 :D

    Sounds like a good project. I wouldn't worry about purists. There aren't any here. have you got some pictures you can post up?
  10. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    Camping tickets have been and gone I'm afraid! Craig, Phil and I have some camping tickets already, although Phil and I won't have a Supra to contribute to the stand unfortunately, but we will be there
  11. March Ragley Boat Stop

    Shall we just move the date?
  12. 1989 rebuild

    Hopefully TNT will treat the second one with more care, it looks pretty bashed up at the bottom.
  13. 1989 rebuild

    Does it need a separate hardener? If so you'll be fine to use it. If not then it's probably started going off in the can and I'd ask for another. ?
  14. 1989 rebuild

    That looks mint
  15. March Ragley Boat Stop

    James, Claire, Lucy and Jessica Mel & Phil