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  1. N/A Manual Gearbox (W58) and Facelift Front Bumper

    Just to say I am still looking for both of the above !
  2. How do you know that? EVERY thread I have searched on LOTS of different websites say this: 2jz-GE and 2jz-GTE are non interference (see next note) 2jz-GE and 2jz-GTE are interference in VVT-I format (1998+) However . . . just found other sites that say this: so the 2JZ-GTE vvt-i are not - inteference but the 2JZ-GE vvt-i are inteference I suspect the latter is true . . . and the reason the 2JZ-GTE isn't interference (unlike the 2JZ-GE with VVTI) I suspect is because the turbo version is lower compression, so has bigger recesses on the piston tops.
  3. N/A Manual Gearbox (W58) and Facelift Front Bumper

    Still looking for a good W58 gearbox . . . and a Facelift front bumper Or a whole scrap car ! Here's my mobile: 0775 249 2010
  4. Parts Wanted RHD

    The orange side indicators with the bulge on them are what ALL British Supras are fitted with . . . I suspect lots of people on here have Spares . . . but postage to the USA would be expensive.
  5. Well the car that was being scrapped that I was promised the gearbox from has been stolen !! So I'm looking for a good W58. (mine works fine . . . just rather a rattle from the layshaft bearing) Could also do with a Facelift Front Bumper. If anyone spots a car being scrapped, please let me know !
  6. When I chose the 2JZ I put in my Mk3 Supra, I deliberately went for the NON-vvti engine. That's because it's a Non-Interference engine (unlike the vvti version)
  7. Breaking 1988 Pre-facelift N/A Supra

    Yes I think the mouldings are all there . . . But bear in mind this is a Pre-Facelift, so they're different from the later trims.
  8. The car I am getting the W58 gearbox from is going to the Scrapyard next week . . . So does anyone need any parts from it before it goes? (interior is bad, as window has been broken) He has a set of genuine Toyota Mk3 5-spoke wheels for sale too (he's putting the sawblades back on)
  9. Gearbox OK?

    Just done a few Internet searches, and reading different Forums . . . most people seem to think this kind of rattle is down to worn Gearbox input shaft or layshaft bearings, and not the Clutch Bearing. Either way, I'm getting the new Gearbox cheap, so guess it's worth trying !
  10. Gearbox OK?

    I guess so . . . although it is a brand new one. (I've actually only known worn Clutch Release Bearings make a loud squealing noise when the pedal is down) Don't think it could be a slave cylinder issue, as it's a rattly kind of noise.
  11. Gearbox OK?

    No . . . I obviously fitted a brand new Clutch and Release Bearing (along with a Mk4 Bell Housing) when I fitted my 2JZ engine ! And the noise didn't go away. (and anyway, surely the Release Bearing is only doing work when you put your foot on the clutch?) Also, a couple of mechanics have listened to it, and reckon it's the Gearbox Lay Shaft Bearing. So what do you guys think about the gearbox that has just been sitting for a few years . . . Do you have any experience of this? Should it have suffered?
  12. What have you done to your car today ...

    By the way, if anyone is looking for a set of genuine Mk3 Toyota 5 spokes (not the Mk4 ones), a friend of mine up here is scrapping his car, and has a set. (like on my car, below)
  13. What have you done to your car today ...

    Well I decided to respray my wheels (Toyota 5 Spokes) again . . . something I've done about every 2-3 years, when fitting new tyres. But this time I thought I'd get them done by my girlfriend's son - he has a proper spray gun and does lots of wheels as an earner. (much better than using Aerosols, as I've always done) Plus he's only charging for the paint, as I'm always helping him with stuff. I bought some professional Paint Stripper, as one wheel the paint had bubbled due to a seized caliper a while ago . . . Only planned to strip one wheel . . . but the others all re-acted when I put a primer coat on ! So I had to strip all of them right back to bare metal . . . what a HORRIBLE job ! Took ages to do each one, scraping off layer after layer of paint. Anyway, I've got the first two back on the car with new Toyo tyres, and they look great . . . just waiting to get the other two back so I can fit those. By the way, if anyone is looking for a set of genuine Mk3 Toyota 5 spokes (not the Mk4 ones), a friend of mine up here is scrapping his car, and has a set.
  14. Newcastle Car Show 2017

  15. Newcastle Car Show 2017

    This year's Newcastle Car Show is on Saturday 12th August Once again the venue is Newcastle Racecourse (Gosforth Park) . . . there's a big funfair with free rides all day Free entry if you display a Classic or Modified Performance car. As per the past 2 years, I shall be there, interviewing Owners on stage about their vehicles. (So I'll also take my Supra to display) Website with full details here: http://www.newcastlecarshow.co.uk/