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  1. Auto-transmission not shifting down from a stop

    Not one I know, short of a transmission rebuild you could change the oil and filter and hope for the best - have you checked the level?
  2. Merry Xmas Members

    Merry Christmas all!

    I loved the torque and hated the reliability1
  4. GUIDE: Changing a head gasket

    Well spotted, I've fixed the links - they were all linking to picture 8 not 8x, don't know why photobucket hasn't broken these images though?!
  5. hello

    Hi and welcome, a bit quiet of late but hope you find what you need
  6. GUIDE: Removing the PCV system

    Sadly photobucket have decided to remove third party hosting and as a side effect broken all the guides, they have made a lot of people unhappy (me included) so sadly we have no pics now
  7. 7MGE vs. 2JZ-GTE

    Hi Bill The 2J is a better engine in pretty much every sense, better design, materials, reliability etc. The thing they share is capacity and number of cylinders but not that much else! The bore and stroke just describe the characteristics of the engine e.g. revvy/torquey . The 7M is a lovely torque monster but the 2J is rightly famous as one of the best engines you can buy. 130bhp is standard family car territory, 200bhp is pretty quick, 300bhp is fast and 400bhp is about as fast as I think you can use on the road properly There is no hesitation at all in recommending the 2J, more power and much stronger and better reliability James
  8. Warwick town centre show

    Looks great!
  9. Warwick town centre show

    Only just saw this, otherwise I would have taken the girls down, maybe next time
  10. GUIDE: Fitting Electric (Mondeo) fans

    No, no problems at all Where did you find the 70A reference?
  11. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    No sandrail, that sold yesterday Pending collection from a guy who lives in Cornwall!!
  12. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    Yay Celica! 306 sounds like it ticks most boxes though!!
  13. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    This is becoming hard work, it was not going to be the EGR if it was blocked off Can you help us fault find a bit - fuel pressure, pics and vids, be methodical or you'll end up doing a lot of unnecessary work Look for vac leaks, the AFM is obviously having an effect but unable to reach a stead setting
  14. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    Probably around 3-4 pm at junction 24 ish of the M1 for me, Claire, Mel and Phil