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  1. Warwick town centre show

    Only just saw this, otherwise I would have taken the girls down, maybe next time
  2. GUIDE: Fitting Electric (Mondeo) fans

    No, no problems at all Where did you find the 70A reference?
  3. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    No sandrail, that sold yesterday Pending collection from a guy who lives in Cornwall!!
  4. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    Yay Celica! 306 sounds like it ticks most boxes though!!
  5. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    This is becoming hard work, it was not going to be the EGR if it was blocked off Can you help us fault find a bit - fuel pressure, pics and vids, be methodical or you'll end up doing a lot of unnecessary work Look for vac leaks, the AFM is obviously having an effect but unable to reach a stead setting
  6. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    Probably around 3-4 pm at junction 24 ish of the M1 for me, Claire, Mel and Phil
  7. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    Can you measure the fuel pressure, an inline gauge is only a few dollars For a quick test, pull the return line and feed it into a bucket and post up a video As Matt says post up pics and vids and it will be easier - things like HT lead order would be good too Before you start moving the engine around just take a few photos, could save you a lot of work The EGR is fine as long as you blocked off the hole The most likely cause is something basic and it does sound like a large vac leak somewhere - lots of pics please!
  8. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    Tell me more about the injectors?
  9. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    Just plug it in. To test, pop the AFM off and see how it runs now
  10. Gearbox OK?

    Very common to be the clutch bearing but with it being new the box has to be suspect
  11. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    plugs won't cause the smoke, is it a new stock fpr or adjustable? Is it an additional injector?
  12. Gearbox OK?

    What he said! And the boxes don't tend to suffer from standing as long as they're not dry in a dusty area etc. Fluid change is a definite
  13. Newcastle Car Show 2017

    Would love to have done that but just booked up the 12th! Have fun
  14. Gearbox OK?

  15. Photobucket Changes

    Absolute joke isn't it, they have one job to do?! I'll be closing my (paid) account, I'm sure many others will too