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  1. 7m engine trolley

    Stu 22 do you still have this fire me a picture if you do I might be interested if its smaller than a regular enging stand. 07970923314
  2. Door seals

    Have you checked if they are available over the pond, if they are can bring them back to UK in late january if you get them to my US address before 22nd Jan 2017. If you find them and wanna ship let me know 07970923314 as I dont visit the fiorum regular any more....
  3. New Boss

    So glad to see someone has taken up the reigns
  4. Warwick town centre show

    So as a few of us southerners are going t'north on Sunday are any of the northern guys going to come and join us? We will be starting with a show at Highnam Court Glostershire on Saturday 12th then driving up to Warwick staying overnight at the Premier Inn, then on to the Warwick town centre show early Sunday morning. Be good to see some of you if you fancy a day out, you could take the kids to the castle too....
  5. Breakfast at Shuttleworth

    OK it was a bit wet today but next one is 2nd April why not bring your ride down to see us https://www.facebook.com/events/390513047985116/?ti=cl
  6. Breakfast at Shuttleworth

    OK guys I know its only been on the FB page but dont forget this Sunday at Shuttleworth for Breakfast at 10:30am we have an open invite theres no cost other than what your breakfast costs you. If you have kids and bring them there a huge play area with loads of equipment all free on site and you can if you wanna pay do the areo museum too. Come join us there should be some nice cars there a bit of an ecleptic mix.... http://www.a602sstreetandstriprods.com/a602s-breakfast-club.html
  7. New on the Forum .

    If you are in Melbourne contact Em Williams (HOT SUP rego) find him on facebook he is a long time supra owner very local to you, runs a scratch repair shop... Met him a few years ago he was one of the first to fit my stainless valley plate
  8. JAE 2017

    Before I hide for suggesting this..... Would this not be a good time for .org & .net to go together?
  9. 3.4l m7gte engine

    The only way that you could get near that capacity would be if it's had the stroker mod done to increase the stroke, but as far as I am aware there are only a couple of strokers out there and they are state side and the knowledge of how to do that modification died when the guy who did them died. From memory the crank was reground to a slightly smaller diameter with a larger offset and different con rods were used, I think this only gave 3.2litre. There's alot of folks that would love to know the detail of how it was done.
  10. Supras on TV

    Hmmm and the guy thats driving that very car still visit he mk3 forum occasionally, not going to name him unless he wants to say hi!
  11. Ok so who's out there in Washington USA? Coming over your way for a few weeks very soon, will be picking up some 'rare' Supra bits in Seattle / Tacoma then plan on seeing a few cars whilst I am there! Are ther any meets on worth attending or Mk3 and their oweners what are worth visiting for a chat and a beer and maybe more rare bits HKS or other? Also anyone need anything (Not to heavy or big) bringing back ie depo sides, or front / rear light covers PM me. Hopefully I will still have the two Supras in one piece when I get back as leaving them with the daughter!
  12. Front windowscreen

    Call him and ask! His name is Dean 01767 600967
  13. Front windowscreen

    Talking to the guy across the road from me "Dean's Screens" tells me he can still get them as replacements as he has done one insurance recently....if he can get them they must still be out there... But he wont wanna go all the way to Cornwall from Bedfordshire!
  14. CHRISTMAS MEET 2016!

    Sorry In USA collecting Supra bits ......
  15. October Meet

    Sorry had sister visit for two weeks first time in 30 yesrs shes conme to stay with me lol next time....