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  1. all non turbos are higher compressions so an N/A is far more likely to be an interference engine than a turbo but is that a good enough reason for choice? the best engine is frankly the one that suits your pocket at the time. i would choose an engine on horsepower every time than worry about a timing belt failure. if you are going to put in the effort then put in the best engine you can get. i have always thought that if i had to get a new engine for some reason i would get a vvti as it is the newer and more powerful engine.

    they simply just look better than other cars!
  3. Cheap Quality Tyres

    bridgestone potenzas re001 s been using this for a few years on all my cars and it is the best grip/longevety combo i have found. i do low mileage though so i tend to favour grip over how long they last.
  4. GUIDE: How to make a jet engine

    new project that looks cheaper than doing up another supe! of course it will need to be bigger and vehicle mounted. a pick up i think?
  5. How popular is the Supra Mk3?

    i have had 5 mk3s and only 1 gto. the only car in the world more unreliable than a supra. have had more looks since painting the supe but with the noisy exhaust it could just be that that makes folks turn their heads. there are some dumb folks out there who think noise means class when it just means noise and a bit better breathing!
  6. Supras on TV

    mk3 supra turbo on thunder races today (quest channel at nine ish in the morning for those of you who speak freeview). it seems to be a new, alternate version of scrap heap challenge, they pitted the army, navy and raf to build a lightweight dune buggy so the raf chose a 2wd 7m gte with the standard bhg modification preinstalled and thought that blocking the radiator flow with a bullet proof plate of steel and leaving it all at the front was a good idea for the dunes. the army went for a v6 4x4 sierra and the navy for a 4x4 mitsi gallant. how did we win the battle of britain again?
  7. 1J 92 MK3

    no probs! i have a thread on here about a 1jz rebuild with plenty of mods and ideas called green monster but don't let the title fool you, you will have to like yellow!
  8. 1J 92 MK3

    tim when i refurbished my front and rear subframes i had them all nicely powder coated and everything was beautiful until reassembly. when trying to adjust the camber on the front i discovered that the lugs that the cams on the main bolts pushes up against was old (1992) and it flexed an i had one hell of a job aligning up my wheels. what i should have done was put a few spots of weld around the lugs to reinforce them before i painted and coated them and then i could have just adjusted them like any normal sane person instead of the 2 man job that took hours before it was correct.
  9. 3.4l m7gte engine

    i think the stroker kit was to convert a 2.5l 1jz to a 3.0l 2jz. that's the only one i have heard about. never heard of a 7m one.
  10. Supras on TV

  11. Supras on TV

    ah yes, how could i forget? it wasn't just the poor quality of the lies but i felt the "delivery" of them was equally poor. i imagine he isn't in the royal shakespeare company as we speak?
  12. Supras on TV

    wasn't there a bloke on that other supra site who got caught with a dodgy car by the cops on the road and tried unsuccessfully to lie his way out of it?
  13. Values...what's it worth!

    well it makes it worth less than a R spec because it's slower. the R type is the queen of all supra's....end of! all those drinks cabinets and chandeliers on the limited don't half weigh them down and those seats weigh so much you could chuck one overboard and moor an oil tanker from it. supras are meant to be fast not heavy, if you like heavy and fuel wasting, the yanks have an almighty range of vehicles fit for purpose, in fact, all of them . not that i am in any way biased because it is an R type in toyota duck @rse green. that is just a strange coincidence.
  14. What have you done to your car today ...

    mowed the lawn today and a stone came off the mower and chipped the paint on the bottom of the rear bumper, then i started swearing a bit but that's all i've done to my supe today.
  15. thinking of a new car

    nice cars but a bit big. liked the looks of an s5. i think i shall just have to be sensible and wait until i know what my situation is going to be, and then buy something immensely fast and impracticable.