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  1. What have you done to your car today ...

    I knocked some snow off it, otherwise it's still in bits. The 86 has been modified instead. I know I should be concentrating on fixing the Supra, but I'm bored of a car iv'e never really driven. It just sits there, mocking me when I pull up. A neighbour asked a few weeks ago if it was being broken for parts. Clearly didn't see me swearing my way through refitting the subframe a few months ago.
  2. What have you done to your car today ...

    That's still some impressive roll Seriously those photo's look good. And I'm jealous that I drove mine for around 150 miles (mostly motorway) before I took it off the road for winter (for a few weeks), over a year ago. And in other related news, whilst dodging the weather last weekend I fixed the handbrake cables. At this rate it might actually be ready... to be off the road for winter
  3. What have you done to your car today ...

    After a few hours spannering the following has been completed: Handbrake cables fitted, removed and fitted correctly Prop-shaft reattached Traction bars, suspension uprights and various other rear gubbins all attached I'm missing a bolt to hold the drivers suspension to the hub. I've got 3 random bolts, none of which fit anywhere but definitely came off the the rear somewhere. I've also gained a collection of brackets. Some of them I'm certain are the final two clips for the handbrake cable before it goes through the sub frame, but I''ll be buggered if I can figure them out. A picture would be nice.... otherwise I suspect some tie-wraps will do. I think it's only job is to make sure the outer sheath doesn't fit the prop-shaft. Then I need to rebuilt the rear calipers, and fix the hand-brake cables in them as they are basically flopping around at the moment. I also need to protect the bottom of the fuel tank, knock up a shield, build a exhaust heat shield and then install the exhaust. And fix the remaining 50% of the fuel pump wiring. Sadly, I've got the electrical capability of fish and I don't really know what I'm doing. And I've also spotted what appears to be a rusty sill. I fear that if I press to hard I'll push through it. As I'm not near refurbishing that part yet I'll ignore it, but I suspect me, Mr Grindy, and Mr. Sparks will be visiting our old friend. I've also named the Supra 'Brick'. The 86 is precise, clinical, and it's number plate ends RZR (Razor). Think of it as a scapel, in the right hands it's subtle . The Supra, is probably like being operated on by someone using a sledgehammer.
  4. What have you done to your car today ...

    So, a few things have occurred since my last update. My plan to build new inner arch shields out of rubber came to nothing as I couldn't find anything that would hold the rubber to the inner arch and I don't want to drill. So I bought a new compressor and put 2 tins of Bilt Humber over the rear. Fitted the 255 fuel pump to the tank Refitted the tank to the car Added 50% of the 12v constant fuel pump wiring to the car (yep, 50%, because that's how this car has spent a 18 months now in bits) Refitted the new fuel hoses So, I need to do the handbrake cables, propshaft and then start knocking the various rear arms into the correct holes. And I bought a GT86. I've been researching S/C kits...
  5. What have you done to your car today ...

    Rear arches all waxoyled and waiting for the rubber covering to arrive. Crashbar reinstalled and fuel tank top half all finished. Time to install the walbro and new fuel lines.
  6. What have you done to your car today ...

    I was far too cocky so I needed to take a step back.... I removed the rear bumper. Good news I have much better access to the rear of the rear arches Good news someone else has re-welded her in places Bad news someone else completely forgot to paint or seal their fresh welds So I spent yesterday cleaning up the (luckily) surface rust and sealing the repairs. Everything seems ok. A bit of fibreglass in places but overall not too shabby. I've now dropped another rattlecan of zinc everywhere and cleaned up the rear crashbar. To make myself feel better I move the fuel tank outside from the garage (where it's lived for 18 months) so I can finish prepping the top of the tank for installation into the car. Essentially I want to wxyol the roof of the tank before refitting it. This does mean at somepoint I need to reinstall the fuel pump and new stainless lines. I think I'll be moving it back into the garage at some point. This is now awkward because there's a bumper in the way. I also purchased some lovely thick rubber sheeting to make some rear wheel arch liners and new fuel tank protectors. This could become a disaster
  7. What have you done to your car today ...

    As some of you might have seen in the other thread I've fitted my traction bars. As part of that thread I took some photo's and was embarrassed at the state of the sway bars. Despite being not really used for the last 5-6 years the painted was flaking and looking rough in places. So I took the rear sway back off and wire brushed both the front and rear sway bars before spraying them up in a lots of zinc, aluminium and laquer. The rear was then refitted. Whilst all of this was being done I also took the time to zinc paint all the underside of the boot floor before covering it in lots of waxoyl. The next jobs will be: Fix the handbrake cables, Re-attach the propshaft, Fit the fuel tank, Install the hi-flow pump, Re-connect the fuel lines, Put the wheels on it, Install the exhaust. I'm trying not to get to carried away here, but it might actually run again this year!
  8. Help - Have I assembled my traction bars correctly

    I popped the sway by the other way around and it's not resting on the driveshafts anymore even loose. This means I'll need to use more of the adjustable droplinks but eyeballing everything it looks better.
  9. Hi, I've been out putting my traction bars back onto the supra. Because everything is pretty much aftermarket and it's been about 2 years since I took it apart I just want to make sure that everything is assembled correctly. Everything is finger tight so there's quite a bit of slack but I'm slightly concerned because things appear to be almost touching. First up, we have the sway and the drop link: https://goo.gl/photos/F9jjirFedmBYD5tF7 https://goo.gl/photos/FuXGhWntWcMgiZfy9 It's loose so it does raise up, but does that look the right way round? And the top of the drop link: https://goo.gl/photos/YpWeexETWmQL9KXd9 Leading directly on this lower bar is attached: https://goo.gl/photos/hHZabT9EnuyZunHp6 The inner bearing has a collar that can go on either way. I've used it between the bar and the rose-joint. Here you can also see that the bar is resting on another bar. There is a very small gap when things are lifted up. Speaking of the sway bar, it's resting on the driveshaft: https://goo.gl/photos/zW8Bcf3H87Pm2UnD9 https://goo.gl/photos/WcmuZtVTRGic8AM87 Again it's loose and I guess I could flip it around. So, does this all look right or have I got it all wrong? I can't get the pictures to embedded. Sorry.
  10. What have you done to your car today ...

    Don't panic. It's not been 4 months. Having spent a few weekends getting irate at a specific bushing, I snapped and rage purchased a sawzall...only to discover that the blade was too thick. Accepting defeat I spend 3 hours hack-sawing my way through the bush. Today, one week later, I've finally managed to get all the bushes on the passenger side rear poly-bushed. I want to say this was easy but it took me 3 hours to do one. Stupid cotton-reel bush, and stupid hub design meant all my fancy tools wouldn't fit. In the end it was a real tool mashup to get the damn thing in. The other bushes just popped in. Maybe my swearing and ranting cowed them! Next weekend I hope to get it fitted back to the car along with all the various new improved traction arms. Just need to figure out which bolts are which.
  11. What have you done to your car today ...

    It's time for the 4-month update.... Quick recap, because frankly I post (do) so little everyone has probably forgotten. 13 months ago I dropped the rear fuel tank because I could smell fuel. Mistakes were made, and now the rear is in bits in my garage. Today, having been hitting it for nearly 2 weeks, I got a outer sleeve out of the rear passenger hub. Yes. I'm still trying to dismantle the hubs so I can fit all my polybushes. That is all. Carry on. I shall update in another 4 months...
  12. What have you done to your car today ...

    Yeah I have Dinitrol, not Waxol. So todays fun and games involved getting wet. I had the boot roof open, lying in the passenger well and I'm hearing dripping. Pop up and it's pouring from the plastic trim on the boot lid. Take the trim off and more rust in the passenger corner. I *think* it's running down the rear windscreen and under the seal, which doesn't look in the best condition. So, 1.) Where do I get rear hatch seals from? 2.) Why did it have a small sea in the hatch, when it lives under a cover? 3.) How likely is it that it's either condensation or just sat their since the last time (October 2015) it was driven (when it did get very wet)? On the progress front the passenger side is almost done, and the drivers side is also, nearly done. I've cheated slightly on the drivers side. The actual damage wasn't as bad as it looked and whilst it's not the best metal in the world it's structurally sound and covered in a flammable material so I've actually cut away the rust, treated the remains and then I'm slowly rebuilding it using marine-grade fibreglass paste. This stuff is used on boats, so it just keep the car safe for a while, especially as it's now a summer only car. I've also patched the minor pin-holes in the wheelwell. Once I've finished sculpting, it's spray time and then onto the wheel hubs. Which need new dust shields. I suspect I'll be rebuilding these.
  13. What have you done to your car today ...

    6 months into the new job and I've finally got a week off. Time to pull the covers of the old girl and see where I was up to.... oh yeah I remember, the passenger rear arch was made of filler. Well now it's metal. and I've gone from awful to crap at welding, but it's solid and will be hidden by trim. The drivers side isn't as much filler, but it is rotten in a few places so that's been knocked out as well. Should be easier to weld with my new found skills. Got some tidying up to do, and some other minor rust to clean up and then it's time to start spraying everything in waxol before re-assembly.
  14. What have you done to your car today ...

    Back from a quick vacation, new job on Monday after a 4 month break The new job means more miles so it was time for a new car. With a heavy heart that I had to choose between the MR2 Roadster or the Supra as I can only have two cars. On Wednesday I drove to the dealer and chopped in an old Toyota and picked up my new C-Class. Yesterday I laid down the first of the 3 paints on the Supra's rear subframe. Yes, I chose to keep the broken, rusty Supra and chopped the MR2. This car had better be awesome because I loved that MR2.
  15. What have you done to your car today ...

    As the snow lay glistening on the ground, Jack Frost was gently spreading his tender touch to all souls outside, including a mad Northerner as he lay in the snow, fabricating and welding an old Jap car. Chassis frame welded up. Needs touching up, but it's welded now. The 'minor' hole in the passenger rear inner arch has been hammered, and its now a big hole, as a complete bodge was revealed and removed. Some serious investigation of other prior welding indicates someone's actually done a good job, so its just this one inner arch. At some point I'll grind my welds, seal-seam, and then I'm going to fibreglass over the welds before painting the car. I'm also going to spray more dinitrol into all the box sections. And all my new traction bars from the US have arrived. Seems Customs opened the smaller box and had a look. I hope they enjoyed staring at 2 Heim joints, 6 solid billet rear subframe spacers and 2 engine mounts. The rear subframe spacers will probably not be used, as I've got Ronnie K poly's which also remove the floating element of the rear subframe.