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  1. What have you done to your car today ...

    I did replace the blown EFI fuse. Once that was done the car was cranking. The fuel relay I'm referring to is the one that I've installed to run 12v to the Walbro fuel pump that's fitted. I have to bypass this relay at the moment. I found an alternative guide online on how to wire it up. Whilst dodging showers I test fitted the exhaust system. It's, err, kinda obvious that it's naughty. Anyway, whilst eyeing up the space I've got to fabricate the fuel tank shield, I noticed that unfortunately it appears that the fuel tank has gained a new leak since it last ran. At this point I walked away from the car. I really CBA with this POS anymore.
  2. What have you done to your car today ...

    It's alive... Bypassed the relay and held the pump open all the time, cranked her and she spluttered to life and breathed. This has taken hours to get to this point. The EFI fuse had blown, and obv I can't bypass the fuel relay permanently, but she lives. So, 12volt relay modification. Standard 4-pin relay, 30A fuse Battery Neg: 85 Old feed from car: 86 Battery Pos: 30 12v feed to pump: 87 if I manually jump 30:87 then it works, otherwise, I don't hear the pump come to life. The relay works fine. In very, very, very simple pictures and wax crayons, can someone please help me sort this mess out And please include simple steps to poking it with a volt-metre thingy (see, I really don't know what I'm doing).
  3. What have you done to your car today ...

    Posting this a few days after the event. So once again dodging showers I crawled under the Supra to find out where my petrol leak was coming from. I took the main line off the fuel filter and discovered that it didn't seem very tight, but, it also looked dodgy so I decided to remake it. This took a while to get everything nice and tight but once I had everything back on the car and gave her a spun, there didn't appear to be a leak. Car didn't start, but she coughed a few times and seemed to be spinning. I suspect the petrol might be dodgy, so I've got 10L of Shell Optimax in the garage (who doesn't!) that I'll be pouring in to the tank at some point.
  4. What have you done to your car today ...

    Right, dodging showers (why is it always raining ) I've redone all the earth points and added some proper junction boxes under the bonnet. I also bypassed what I suspect was the alarm (hoping it wasn't an immobiliser). Having replaced the new fuel relay with a fused relay I tried to start her again. Nothing. I can hear relays, but nothing. So I re-added the dodgy wiring for the alarm (it is an immobiliser as well, crap ), swapped the dead fob battery out, disconnected the fuel pump fuse and tried again... and she cranked. It's alive! I quickly refused the fuel pump and cranked again and she just cranked... ... ... ... and poured fuel from the rear of the car. So, good news, the fuel pump works. Good news, it flows a lot of fuel. Bad news, I've no idea where from. I can't tell, because everything is soaked and it's raining again. So, it's one or more of: The new fuel filter connectors <- The metal union looks dodgy as hell, and this is my prime suspect. The new rubber hose that connects the various hardline <- These have had the existing hard lines cut down (rusted through) so they have no flanges, so are double clipped and the hose overlaps the hardline by a considerable margin. The pump itself <- new Toyota seals and screws. Bugger. I don't think I'm be boating round Oulton Park next weekend.
  5. What have you done to your car today ...

    Well was that was frustraing. Have rained all day yesterday and then freezing temperatures overnight I finally got out to the car around 1030. Got all the wiring finished Redid some cables Eventually traced a dead relay on the fuel pump and then finally, at 1600, I popped the key and turned.... Nothing. Not a sausage. Not even a hint of a crank. The dash lights up, I know I've got power, but nothing happening. Not even a signal to the fuel pump. My current working assumption is the clifford alarm has an immobiliser and with the batteries dead in the keyfob, then the immobiliser wont' let me play. This could be a problem. It could also be I've forgotten how to start the car.
  6. What have you done to your car today ...

    30+ days since the last update... The water under the car actually belongs to a small rut in the pavement, so no random water leak into the car? Nope. The rear window seals leak enough to sink a boat. This is not ideal. The battery has relocated itself to the the gap vacated by the rear seat. New wires have been run though the car to hook the stock battery connectors up. Various old rotten trim has been removed and binned Some horrendous boy-racer under dash LED's have been found with some of the dodgiest wiring I've seen since I did a 'bass' install in an old Escort Tomorrow I intend to finish the fuel pump wiring (that 50% I mentioned a lifetime ago) and then, on a wiring roll, maybe put a fresh relay on the starter-motor. Then, maybe, just maybe, I put some ear defenders on and see if it runs. If that works I guess I need to put the exhaust on it and finish bolting all the suspension up. I'm sure I've forgotten something.
  7. What have you done to your car today ...

    Back to the topic, the Supra... I bought it a battery. I've also provisionally decided that I want to run the car at Oulton Park in February. Which means I've got about 8 weeks to make it run. I think the W58 auto-gearbox will be rubbish. So, anyone want to help fit the W154 gearbox in the garage to the car? This is a serious question: I've almost no idea how to do this. I've seen a few guides, but someone with hands on experience doing this would be invaluable. I should have everything I need that was scavenged from the old car. Pedals, cables. And what would an update be without the latest up-yours from the Supra: During the recent snow, it the car formed ice on the pavement under the car. No water around the car, just a frozen puddle under the rear boot floor. Condensation? Melting water that re-froze? I'm actually dreading taking the cover off.
  8. What have you done to your car today ...

    It's a GT86, and it looks completely stock. It's got a 3" exhaust system, 1st CAT removed and EL manifold with a tune. The sump has been baffled, it's got an oil-cooler and and oil-air separator. Finally the gearbox has been poly-bushed and had some internal springs swapped over to uprated springs. I've got some more poly-bushes in the garage for the diff. It's currently wearing Winter tires, and it's done 1 track day and I'm sad to say the biggest flaw in the car is me.
  9. What tools have you bought today?

    Picked up a CTEK trickle charger.
  10. What have you done to your car today ...

    I knocked some snow off it, otherwise it's still in bits. The 86 has been modified instead. I know I should be concentrating on fixing the Supra, but I'm bored of a car iv'e never really driven. It just sits there, mocking me when I pull up. A neighbour asked a few weeks ago if it was being broken for parts. Clearly didn't see me swearing my way through refitting the subframe a few months ago.
  11. What have you done to your car today ...

    That's still some impressive roll Seriously those photo's look good. And I'm jealous that I drove mine for around 150 miles (mostly motorway) before I took it off the road for winter (for a few weeks), over a year ago. And in other related news, whilst dodging the weather last weekend I fixed the handbrake cables. At this rate it might actually be ready... to be off the road for winter
  12. What have you done to your car today ...

    After a few hours spannering the following has been completed: Handbrake cables fitted, removed and fitted correctly Prop-shaft reattached Traction bars, suspension uprights and various other rear gubbins all attached I'm missing a bolt to hold the drivers suspension to the hub. I've got 3 random bolts, none of which fit anywhere but definitely came off the the rear somewhere. I've also gained a collection of brackets. Some of them I'm certain are the final two clips for the handbrake cable before it goes through the sub frame, but I''ll be buggered if I can figure them out. A picture would be nice.... otherwise I suspect some tie-wraps will do. I think it's only job is to make sure the outer sheath doesn't fit the prop-shaft. Then I need to rebuilt the rear calipers, and fix the hand-brake cables in them as they are basically flopping around at the moment. I also need to protect the bottom of the fuel tank, knock up a shield, build a exhaust heat shield and then install the exhaust. And fix the remaining 50% of the fuel pump wiring. Sadly, I've got the electrical capability of fish and I don't really know what I'm doing. And I've also spotted what appears to be a rusty sill. I fear that if I press to hard I'll push through it. As I'm not near refurbishing that part yet I'll ignore it, but I suspect me, Mr Grindy, and Mr. Sparks will be visiting our old friend. I've also named the Supra 'Brick'. The 86 is precise, clinical, and it's number plate ends RZR (Razor). Think of it as a scapel, in the right hands it's subtle . The Supra, is probably like being operated on by someone using a sledgehammer.
  13. What have you done to your car today ...

    So, a few things have occurred since my last update. My plan to build new inner arch shields out of rubber came to nothing as I couldn't find anything that would hold the rubber to the inner arch and I don't want to drill. So I bought a new compressor and put 2 tins of Bilt Humber over the rear. Fitted the 255 fuel pump to the tank Refitted the tank to the car Added 50% of the 12v constant fuel pump wiring to the car (yep, 50%, because that's how this car has spent a 18 months now in bits) Refitted the new fuel hoses So, I need to do the handbrake cables, propshaft and then start knocking the various rear arms into the correct holes. And I bought a GT86. I've been researching S/C kits...
  14. What have you done to your car today ...

    Rear arches all waxoyled and waiting for the rubber covering to arrive. Crashbar reinstalled and fuel tank top half all finished. Time to install the walbro and new fuel lines.
  15. What have you done to your car today ...

    I was far too cocky so I needed to take a step back.... I removed the rear bumper. Good news I have much better access to the rear of the rear arches Good news someone else has re-welded her in places Bad news someone else completely forgot to paint or seal their fresh welds So I spent yesterday cleaning up the (luckily) surface rust and sealing the repairs. Everything seems ok. A bit of fibreglass in places but overall not too shabby. I've now dropped another rattlecan of zinc everywhere and cleaned up the rear crashbar. To make myself feel better I move the fuel tank outside from the garage (where it's lived for 18 months) so I can finish prepping the top of the tank for installation into the car. Essentially I want to wxyol the roof of the tank before refitting it. This does mean at somepoint I need to reinstall the fuel pump and new stainless lines. I think I'll be moving it back into the garage at some point. This is now awkward because there's a bumper in the way. I also purchased some lovely thick rubber sheeting to make some rear wheel arch liners and new fuel tank protectors. This could become a disaster