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  1. What have you done to your car today ...

    " I suspect the petrol might be dodgy" Well thank god you survived the trial of the dodgy wiring - that could've gotten real ugly. onwards and upwards to more traditional cranking spluttering and petrol spewing!

    Well a daresay if you dig through the past threads here ( and on mkiiisupra.net ) you'll find some answers. Theres a lot of variants Jdm stripped down 1JZs (called the "R" I think) fully loaded 7Mgte areotops ( I *think* these are jdm , not sure) My current car is a GA70 - used to be 2.0tt , (now 1jz) but has widebody. I don't know if all the narrows were 2.0 , but not all the 2.0 were narrow. I've never seen a narrow vs wide , side by side photo - I don't think they are that different. I think generally , even with other jap makes , cruise and ABs are not big deals in the domestic market. I can see why cruise isn't - its not a big place but ABS? who dosent want that?

    "only safety feature is ABS" You were Lucky! ( in best Monty Python voice ) You've got ABS *and* cruise? I've got neither I dont think the JDM market was big on these things , or mines just bottom of the range . I do got flippy mirrors and cooler looking back lights though,.
  4. What have you done to your car today ...

    My daily driver is rapidly developing a catalogue of issues - the latest is not putting any hot air out, so when I looked outside and the things an ice cube i thought "I'll get the Supra out the garage!" So i topped up the two front tyres which seem to have an on and off slow puncture habit (with a big compressor , no prob). Went to work , came out - 1 front tyre flat. This is why I put the little cig lighter tiny&noisy pumper upper in the car, I thought. Then I thought I'll just change it - it'll be quicker, So i digs the spare out (a 16" steel wheel ) , put it on the front and just before lowering the jack realised it wasnt clearing the bigger calipers i put on and wouldnt turn I even found a 13mm spacer that had been used in boltong the spare down in the boot - still no good. So i pumped up the flat one with the gizmo, put it back on , pumped it some more. No gauge on it , but it looked like enought air. Set off home , didnt get far before tyre empty again I assume not enough pressure broke the seal on the rim. Got gizmo out , set it off , sat in car for 10 mins , then got out to check it - no different. Jacked car up , set the gizmo off again with no weight on tyre - acheived inflation Left it going long time till up proper - went home.
  5. Auto to auto swap?

    Well in a nutshell you Jack car up securelry , remove any pipes , and wires from the box. Remove propshaft , undo all the bellhousing bolts , pull tranny out, preferably on a jack - its heavy! I think this James guide will be much more helpful and in-depth - just stop when it gets to the bit where the auto box is out - and do the reverse to install your new auto box!
  6. Hello from Laurence in the Uk (G360Thewhiteknight)

    congrats on getting a supra at last! looks tidy
  7. 88 supra auto intermittent no crank

    You deserve a medal! The only way you'd get me doing that was if I was stuck in the middle of nowhere! this is why i built a garage
  8. Help resurrecting my 88.

    If you're keeping it manual , then you should be ok to buy in either engine to put in it. I put a W58 on my auto 1JZ - seeing as the manual box dosent need any wiring , you just ignore the wires that used to go to the auto box (although I had to bridge 2 of the wires to fool it i had the auto in neutral the brake for cranking) wait, did i get your situation right? If you currently have manual car , manual box , and manual wiring loom .... You can get an engine out of a scrap auto and the plugs on the manual harness will fit on it - as far as I know. There are however slight differences with n/a & turbo - the distributor. If your donor engine has a turbo its hill have a cam pos sensor instead of a dizzy. Also it will have a turbo
  9. What have you done to your car today ...

    Yes indeed. They had a UK event?
  10. What tools have you bought today?

    I just googled "Halfords 200 pc professional set" to have a look at it. It looks pretty good! currently half price apparently The picture /ad / shop result type things revealed 3 different prices for the same set - weirdly Halfords were the cheapest. "Safety Experts" co uk are selling the exact same thing for £246 more than Halfords! or to put it another way 2.4 times as much - pays to shop around!

    Well I dont *really* hate anything about my supra but here goes .... I dont like: - the substandard paint job I put on it (must try again or bite bullet and pay up) - my inability to waterproof the rear end (must try again) - the weak CT12a turbos - the weak mk4 na clutch - the slow air loss in o/s/f tyre - the big buttons on the dash that use too much room imho - the way the spare tyre intrudes into bootspace - unreliable 1JZ ecu units - lack of ODB2 compatibility - the mpgs I do like: - the classic look of the car - the look of the engine (1J , ffim) - the power / potential of the 1J - the top comes off! - its black - manual - frameless windows - pop up lights - telling people the cars older than they are lastly: RWD driving
  12. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Are they? I thought mk4 owners got auto or that big (getrag?) 6 spd manual . Its them and those pesky drifters that are raping and pilliging Supra mk3s (and soarers) to get R154s. (i could be wrong, but a google suggested R154s going into mk4s but not seemingly coming with them)
  13. GUIDE: Recirculating the HKS SSQBOV

    yeah , 'cos Photobucket stopped free hosting , you will probably now see this all over the internet. oddly though the BHG guide seems unaffected maybe the first 50 pics are ok or something
  14. Brake lights not working

    If its all the brakes and nothing else , id suspect the switch which is usually on the brake pedal . check powers getting to it , and when its applied , through it. Unless it works by providing an earth , in which case ... check its doing that .
  15. Cb4-s Supra MKIII 7M

    Hey thats quite a car - congrats! well done for using megasquirt too I might do that next time ecu blows. Brakes - A cheap way to get some better brakes is to use some 4 pot brembos from a Mercedes -they bolt more or less straight on. Some mercs use a brembo caliper that fits existing supra discs , or you can get big merc/brembo calipers that use a bigger thicker disc. Easy to find in scrap yards. I got that same wideband gauge , but none of the other stuff hehe