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    Well I dont *really* hate anything about my supra but here goes .... I dont like: - the substandard paint job I put on it (must try again or bite bullet and pay up) - my inability to waterproof the rear end (must try again) - the weak CT12a turbos - the weak mk4 na clutch - the slow air loss in o/s/f tyre - the big buttons on the dash that use too much room imho - the way the spare tyre intrudes into bootspace - unreliable 1JZ ecu units - lack of ODB2 compatibility - the mpgs I do like: - the classic look of the car - the look of the engine (1J , ffim) - the power / potential of the 1J - the top comes off! - its black - manual - frameless windows - pop up lights - telling people the cars older than they are lastly: RWD driving
  2. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Are they? I thought mk4 owners got auto or that big (getrag?) 6 spd manual . Its them and those pesky drifters that are raping and pilliging Supra mk3s (and soarers) to get R154s. (i could be wrong, but a google suggested R154s going into mk4s but not seemingly coming with them)
  3. GUIDE: Recirculating the HKS SSQBOV

    yeah , 'cos Photobucket stopped free hosting , you will probably now see this all over the internet. oddly though the BHG guide seems unaffected maybe the first 50 pics are ok or something
  4. Brake lights not working

    If its all the brakes and nothing else , id suspect the switch which is usually on the brake pedal . check powers getting to it , and when its applied , through it. Unless it works by providing an earth , in which case ... check its doing that .
  5. Cb4-s Supra MKIII 7M

    Hey thats quite a car - congrats! well done for using megasquirt too I might do that next time ecu blows. Brakes - A cheap way to get some better brakes is to use some 4 pot brembos from a Mercedes -they bolt more or less straight on. Some mercs use a brembo caliper that fits existing supra discs , or you can get big merc/brembo calipers that use a bigger thicker disc. Easy to find in scrap yards. I got that same wideband gauge , but none of the other stuff hehe
  6. Gearbox OK?

    "surely the Release Bearing is only doing work when you put your foot on the clutch?" correct , so when not on clutch its rattling around all slack , and when you depress the clutch its got all the slack taken out. Thats the way i imagine it. I'm not saying it is the release bearing though. Thing is , its exactly the same amount of effort to replace the gearbox as the release bearing , So id get (and fit ) the other W58 (with new bearing) that way if the rusty 70k box is ok - you know you've got a spare that works but is a bit whiney (which may indeed be just the release bearing . or not. )
  7. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    Didnt know you had a supra Craig! wassit like? I'l be in the badly painted 1JZ , its been running fine ever since having a couple of months off sick after last years TRT lol.
  8. What tools have you bought today?

    Also I have idea for a new tool/kit - i dont know if these are available... Instead of those Brake pipe Clamps , that I dont reckon will work very well on thin braided hoses, why not just have a blanking nut type thing that you can screw on the end of the hose when you remove the caliper? I thought of this when removing a mates caliper on his Prelude, I screwed an old rusty Supra caliper onto the pipe to stop it dripping
  9. What tools have you bought today?

    I love collecting tools! So I thought I'd start a thread we could talk about them in ... I think the last tool I bought was this: Its puller thing for removing Crank pulleys aka "Harmonic Balancer" where you cant use the traditional grabby puller 'cos it ruins the rubber layer in the pulley (which i think i did) It was about a tenner , and came in a blow-mould case, like in the pic, but only the half you see in the pic , no lid , weirdly. So it lives in a toolbox drawer now. What was the last tool you guys bought? (or broke , lol)
  10. What have you done to your car today ...

    never mind that, theres a big hole above it!
  11. Passenger side rear quarter glass

    Hi Daz, Bad news i'm afraid - the one ive got is drivers side. more bad news - they are bonded in , judging by the gunk thats on mine. Hopefully someone else will come up with one, and there are a few breakers on ebay i noticed the other day . The scrap man will have to be careful getting it out tho - thats why ive only got the one!
  12. Passenger side rear quarter glass

    Sunofabitch! Makes yer blood boil dunnit? I've got a quarter spare , not sure which side it is - i'll check when i get home...
  13. What have you done to your car today ...

    Today i found 2 new water leaks in my supra .Rain-into-cabin leaks I mean , not coolant. I caught it leaking water from the trim of the diagonal bit going from back of roof to spoiler . not the tailgate - the actual body bit! how the F does water get there?? In other news check out this video of a crashed supra lost in the mountains of Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKfc5a0-2mg
  14. What have you done to your car today ...

    Tell me more! I too have been driven mad by boot squeaking, and have looked for the 4 rubber doobies. Its taken a lot of googling to try to get the correct part numbers , or establish if the mk4 ones are in fact different - seems they are! . And then to look over where said part numbers can be got - seems to be lots of organised Toyota dealers in the US who have the whole parts cataolgue available ,but none in the UK . I seem to remember in the US tops were $5 and lower $15 , or vice versa. So after contacting my local Toy Dealer got a price of about £60 quid for the 4. I'd like to show you the part numbers i asked for , but yahoo mail seems unable to search my inbox at the mo Anyway after umming and arring I decided to sack it off and make my own , after all ,these cars are getting old and we need to learn to improvise our way round unavailable or extortionately priced parts! , as you have. Youve figured out mk4 lower / mk3 upper works out. (still pondering how to make my own , lol )
  15. Coolant leak dripping on the bellhousing

    could be the hoses that go into the dashboard for the heater?