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    Man I thought those features were standard. Thing is though I didn't even know about the 2l narrowbody mk3 until about a year after I'd owned mine. I wonder if there's a site somewhere that describes features...
  2. What have you done to your car today ...

    That sounds like a fun day... Yesterday I put my finger through the inner arch. Looks like I'll need to be putting that welding class experience to work before the next MOT then. <insert many swear words here>
  3. What have you done to your car today ...

    Oh god immobilisers. The worst. A friend left his classic Mini on my drive while he worked away in Amsterdam for 6 months, said I could take it for a spin whenever to keep it decent and holy sh*t if the immobiliser wasn't the most annoying thing about a car that drops a charge if not driven for a few days (I wasn't about to sort that problem for him). In Supra news I fitted a new caliper nearside rear as the seal on the piston was dodgy and has succumbed to the shitty weather. Easy job though, I like those.

    It's just one of several universal rubber trim styles the guy had available and was the one which fitted best over the gap left from taking the metal trim off. I imagine all decent windscreen places will have a bunch of different ones.

    Oh yeah, and the way the thing drives. A rear wheel drive car that's only safety feature is ABS means it's a pretty pure driving experience, you can't get away with driving like a complete moron otherwise it'll bite you. It feels very old school.

    I own a pre-facelift so I definitely hate the body trim rotting and falling off. Though I guess the car is lightening itself all the time?? I also hate the 7M for letting go of head gaskets, or rather I hate previous owners for not fixing it properly causing annoyance further down the line. Also you all know it's a fat old girl. And has the turning radius of an oil tanker. That said I grew up as a kid looking at them, they were rare as hell to see floating about and at a point I kinda forgot they existed (I'm assuming because they'd all had the heads blow and were sat in sheds). So whilst looking for a car to buy having one suggested was a real "oh sh*t, I forgot about these, you can get them for how much?!" kinda thing. I love the way they look, the front end view of these cars, particularly pre-facelift is real good with the widebody as standard. Pop ups are the superior headlight option and they'll never be a thing again, nothing makes kids go "whoa!" more than pop ups, they instantly thing the rattly old fart of a car is cool. I still smile when I use them. I love how obscenely long the doors are which limits your parking spaces, how little room there is in such a long car particularly for passengers. I love the dash setup with the dials all pointed towards the driver. I love i6 noises Frameless door windows. Cruise control. THE RIDICULOUSLY HUGE ASH TRAY (which you can use to stash stuff and also use wedge an iphone underneath the heater controls for sat nav use) I like more things about this car than I hate and that's despite it costing me too much money right off the bat taking the engine to bits. Need to get it 2JZ GE swapped, weld up a few bits and I'll happily drive it everywhere.

    It was by a company called Auto Windscreens in Coventry. I was quoted £206 over the phone if I paid for it myself or £80 through my insurer. https://www.autowindscreens.co.uk/
  8. How do i install these Add Ons?

    My badge had fallen off when I got the car and I used 3M VHB tape to put it back in place. I imagine something like that high adhesive would be what you're after.

    Yeah it's tricky to get off without snapping the retaining clips. The trim is honestly the shittiest bit of these cars. i had my screen replaced last Feb/March and I had the existing (and partly missing) windscreen trim replaced with rubber stuff and it looks pretty decent. A lot nicer than the usually chipped metal trim. photo here if you're interested: https://m.imgur.com/KZOG6oW
  10. What have you done to your car today ...

    It wasn't a Roadkill event, EBC Brakes just paid for them to come over and hang out for the day. They said they definitely want to come back to do something here though probably within the next year so keep an eye out.
  11. Molding advice

  12. Molding advice

    I have an 88 and the moulding is awful and rusty so I've looked into this myself. Without the indentation the car looks awful, so I was considering pulling it all off and just filling the holes where it sat. This of course would mean tweaking the wings and possibly relocating the side indicator which is a bit of work as the moulding covers the point where the front bumper meets. Without the moulding or indent it just looks odd.
  13. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    You're correct, they came with the Soarer not the Mk4 Supra. Apologies!
  14. Whats left in the pot

    You should have some coin in the account now fella