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  1. 7m engine trolley

    Sorry sold it to MartinP. Wasn't anything to special just a bit of tubing with 4 castors the main thing compared to an engine trolley was that it's almost on the ground
  2. R154 7mgte bellhousing

    Thought helicoil needed a dead end for the locking tab? But thought there maybe a few bellhousings kicking around as most gearboxes seem to be bought up for the jz engines
  3. R154 7mgte bellhousing

    As in the title and no high prices. Just swapped engines on my Aero and the slave cylinder had been put in by the Hulk. Top Bolt threads stripped out of the bellhousing and the lower one had cracked the asking on the cylinder. Think it will be OK for now but if anyone has a bellhousing kicking around taking up space I could maybe even swap for some spares I have
  4. 7m engine trolley

    Location: South Beds Payment: cash on collection/bank transfer etc Price: £20 Description: Small trolley to support and allow safe storage and easy movement of a 7m engine outside of car Will look for another image hosting site
  5. Coolant leak dripping on the bellhousing

    Could be the hose union on top of the head at the back,or the metal pipe that wraps is way round the back of the engine
  6. Free inlet manifold

    Location: South Bedfordshire Payment:Free Price:Free Description: Got a spare inlet off 7mgte just the top part of inlet manifold
  7. Maft pro

  8. Maft pro

    For sale a maft pro unit with field harness so you don't have to cut into you original loom. you get the box loom Boost solenoid. The only things you need are a air flow and Map sensor both GM so readily available. This gets rid of your mass air flow meter and allows you to tune it up a bit. You can also hook £350 Pics up once I get the battery charged Loads of info for it on Supramania
  9. moldings and front mud flaps

    I have a full set of mid mouldings but would have to be collected
  10. wanted - ignition barrel with key

    Toyota can supply a new key maybe barrel as well if its a UK car
  11. Thermostat housing 7m

    I know it's been a while but I have one in Northampton if you still need one
  12. Thermostat housing 7m

    I'd have one in my Northampton store you anywhere near?
  13. Twin Headlamps

    Broken my collar bone so can't do anything for a few weeks now
  14. Twin Headlamps

    Sorry that's long gone prefer the standard look
  15. Twin Headlamps

    Nick I've lost your details but I'm always happy to sell parts to you . The only other part I have to sell is a Maft pro translator/piggyback ecu but have to find all the bits for it Will have to get the battery charged up for some lights on pics