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  1. New from Washington DC

    Love the colour and the originality.
  2. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    For the record it isn't me
  3. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    I've got a spare set of standard injectors that need new seals and a clean, but they came off a running 7mge if need be.
  4. Lots of fresh work done.... need help.

    Ignition is all good? Igniter, coil pack, timing all good?
  5. What tools have you bought today?

    Brought a cheap plasma cutter and 50L air compressor, don't have a use for it, but I'm sure once it turns up I'll have a million uses for it.
  6. What tools have you bought today?

    Set of car ramps, impulse purchase, to realise all of my cars are to low to go up them!

    Had a quick idea, don't know what a pain it'd be to implement but how about some ads? I know they'd be somewhat annoying but it'd bring in a little cash.
  8. Hello from Staffordshire

    I guess that kids in Japan have better things to do?

    I find this the only forum that doesn't do this; New user: How do I adjust my CPS? Forum member: Search bar!!!!!!! (Insert profanities) You get the idea. I didn't donate a lot, Dino or James can talk numbers, but maybe we could all throw a few ideas out there on how to raise funds and keep them flowing?

    I've donated enough to cover this month, so hopefully we can all get something sorted to secure the future of the forum.
  11. Hello from Staffordshire

    Christ that's more than I paid for a window screen! Glad you found one though.
  12. Hello from Staffordshire

    You didn't let me down at all, you let yourself down
  13. Hello from Staffordshire

    You know you want to do it, it'd be cheaper than the glass, more unique. And it makes the best of a bad deal.
  14. Hello from Staffordshire

    I've had a idea, you'll either love it or hate it, and it is some pissing about. But if you can't find the glass anywhere After all it is Jap muscle fab something up and bond/weld/tac it in. Batshit crazy I know, but damn I think it'd be pretty neat. And hopefully made you laugh a little!
  15. Hello from Staffordshire

    If I was you I'd get it done by the most expensive company I could find, and make him or the parent's pay ;)