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  1. 7M-GTE

    They're timing marks follow James's guide.
  2. Lack of power

    Good spot and good job 7m's are non interference!
  3. Lack of power

    How do your plugs look? Getting enough fuel? You could try disconnecting the cat and seeing if it makes any difference.

    You have got abs, it's called your left foot
  5. What have you done to your car today ...

    I had the same problem once and stupidly enough I wired the battery in wrong.... And all the dash lights were lighting up as well so check you've got your terminals right and the earthing. (Car also had a Clifford)
  6. Guide: Fitting a manual boost controller

    Not my picture, but hopefully it'll help you
  7. Auto to auto swap?

    Automatic to automatic? What's the problem?
  8. How do i install these Add Ons?

  9. Hello from Laurence in the Uk (G360Thewhiteknight)

    Very nice, welcome to the forum.

    All depends if you get it off without breaking it.
  11. Merry Xmas Members

    Merry Christmas guy's and girl's!
  12. What tools have you bought today?

    They're brilliant sets, I've got three (one for work) The ratchet spanners make the set worth it, lifetime guarantee and no quibble. Pretty much every size spanner, socket, Allen key, hex key ect ect... you'll need is in there, And hell of a lot cheaper than snap on, but Teng tools do a nice 175 piece set for just under £200.
  13. What tools have you bought today?

    Halfords 200 pc professional set (trade card ftw!) Crowsfoot spanners, 1/4 torque wrench, new obd scanner (damn you melted cat)
  14. Anybody else see this?

    It's still there as far as I know, it'll possibly have the 1ggte as well.
  15. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Thought I'd get this back on track, shame you've got to sell they're getting rarer by the day.