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  1. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Deposit taken.
  2. Door seals

    Hi Nick. I managed to get a good one from a guy from a guy down south somewhere. Think his name was Simon? The drivers seal responded well to some rubber rejuvinator and glass adjustment so didn't need to replace it.
  3. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Thanks Brent. I've got the Toyota wallet with all the books and some old mot's etc and also the jack/toolkit in the boot.
  4. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Thanks for the heads up chaps.
  5. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Most of the trim has been off already so I reckon it's do-able. The car is complete at the moment and I have some spare ecu's too. Even the windscreen scuttle is saveable and the roller cover works too!
  6. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Really? Surely there not that expensive!
  7. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    I've had 51 cars and restored a few of them. This will be the first one I haven't finished so I'm a bit p*ssed off Let me know what you're after Paul and I start making a list of bits people want.
  8. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Lots of people asking for spares, which would be a shame Looks like this might end up a parts car.
  9. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    I have loads of pics if anyone needs anything specific but can't upload them on here for some reason.
  10. 1989 Supra Turbo Manual For sale

    Cheers Brent. A price might be useful! Can't edit the original post? so I'm looking for £1650ono
  11. Up for grabs is my '89 Supra turbo in Super red or pink as it needs some love! I bought this a 'drive find' over on Retro Rides at the start of this year with the intention of doing a full resto, but as always other stuff has got in the way and it now needs to go. It was last on the road around 5 years ago and has only covered 80k miles. It has the sought after 5 speed manual gearbox which works fine as does the clutch. Tan leather seats with electric lumbar which need cleaning and conditioning and then some minor repairs. 17x8" Momo Arrow alloys with 235/45/17 tyres but they are all perished/cracked. (I have a couple of budgets I will include in the sale) 3" Stainless steel exhaust from the turbo back with an Apexi cone intake filter and ally intake pipe. Rebuilt Mercedes 4 pot calipers up front with new discs and pads and new flexi hoses to the calipers. I also have new rear discs and pads to go with the car. Replacement nose cone, front bumper, drivers wing and drivers door due to bad paint. (and rust in the bottom of the door) The engine was rebuilt by the previous owner with all new gaskets etc approx. 2000 miles ago but has been standing for a while and is a bit tappety until fully warmed up. It is probably just a sticky cam follower as it goes quiet when hot. I have pics of the engine being rebuilt but no receipts unfortunately. It has a fresh filter and 10w40 oil and fresh coolant and brake fluid also. It has the usual rusty rear arches which are solid bar for the drivers inner which needs patching, as does the drivers front jacking point. It also needs some attention to the paintwork but could be improved a lot with a cut and polish. I do have the windscreen top trim, front badge and front muguards in the boot and a spare rear bumper in good condition. There is also a 3 piece rear spoiler in decent condition to go with it as well. Car is located in Rugeley, Staffordshire. The registration is G914NDM (I have new plates to go on) Payment by cash or bank transfer. Any questions please ask. Daz. Pics to follow
  12. The dreaded rattle!

    That's very kind of you Brent and part of me wants to tuck it away until I have time to do it, but I fear that I'll just never get round to it.
  13. The dreaded rattle!

    It would be a shame but I don't want it to sit there for years doing nothing, which is probably what will happen. Surprisingly the Fiat's not needed any welding and is still fine underneath!
  14. The dreaded rattle!

    There is a local guy but I like to do everything myself. I'm a bit ocd like that! Plus it will need a full repaint and some welding to the drivers front jacking point and rear inner arch so I think I'm calling it a day. I have a needy Fiat coupe to upkeep as well.