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  1. The dreaded rattle!

    It will be my first job on Saturday before I start the rear brake overhaul.
  2. The dreaded rattle!

    Just the big bolt for the pulley and is it left hand thread?
  3. The dreaded rattle!

    I don't think they are very accurate but I was told that anything 20psi or above at hot idle is fine for a 7M
  4. The dreaded rattle!

    I think I will drop the oil out this weekend and replace with 15w40 just to check there is nothing in there that shouldn't be!
  5. The dreaded rattle!

    Just turned past 80k Brent so not that high. Oil pressure is around 65 on cold start and drops to 20 when fans cut in. Any increase in revs sees it back up again. Maybe a 15w40 might be more suited to it?
  6. The dreaded rattle!

    I'm going to run it again tonight and see if it still noisy.
  7. The dreaded rattle!

    Ok this is a bit strange. I ran it up to temp and got the fans on this time and the noise disappeared completely!? Very quiet engine apart from ticking injectors. Still got the dark blue smoke when revving though. Maybe it just needs to be used?
  8. What have you done to your car today ...

    Thanks for the offer Brent. I may take you up on that but I will need springs too.
  9. The dreaded rattle!

    Had a good check around the fanimold and can' t see/hear/feel any evidence of a leak. I will run it up to temp again on Saturday morning and see how it sounds.
  10. What have you done to your car today ...

    You're right there! So fat infact that mine burst a rear shock just moving off the drive on Saturday! To be fair it looks like it still has the original shocks on and the rears are all but rusted through, so I may be going down the BC route myself.
  11. The dreaded rattle!

    Strange thing is I ran it up to temp again yesterday and it was much quieter. I could barely hear it even giving it some gas. Still got the dark blue smoke though and also a burst rear shocker for good measure!
  12. The dreaded rattle!

    No. Seems to be around 1500-2000 and only when you give it some gas. If you slowly raise the revs you can't hear it?
  13. The dreaded rattle!

    I started the turbo up this weekend after not being run for the last 6 months and it seems to have developed a rattle. It gets quieter as temp goes up and is silent at idle but is still there if you put any load on the engine. There was also some dark blue smoke as the revs rose. Can't drive it at the mo as the brakes aren't finished. Considering this was stripped, cleaned, checked and rebuilt less than 2k ago I'm a bit gutted and given the need for welding as well as paint and leather repair, this could well be the end unless I can get a decent garage for it to live in.
  14. Mk3 smashed by Police

    That's a blast from the past! lol Why did the cops smash the screen when the drivers window was open? Don't they know that trim is a PITA
  15. What have you done to your car today ...

    I think it could work with a satin black vinyl strip, but it's quite a deep recess......