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  1. Hello from Laurence in the Uk (G360Thewhiteknight)

    Thank you both, the car is in excellent order and I am having it re under sealed so that any flaky stuff goes. There is no rust underneath so mI thought this worth doing for starters. Adding a bit of sound deadening to a few panels but essentially the exercise to keep her original.
  2. Hello from Laurence in the Uk (G360Thewhiteknight)

    Hello there! Well it took thirty years after the (now) ex wife said "NO, you'r not having one of those!" I am now the owner of a very original rust free white Supra automatic which I intend to enjoy and hopefully do some filming in. I have already made quite a number of documentaries over the years, mainly inland waterway related but also including works on the Rover SD1 and Massey Ferguson tractors. I have had an idea nurturing for sometime to do something around the Toyota Celica / Supra range, being an early owner of the Celica in the 1600ST type (1976) and always vying the Supra model (despite the wife!). So if you want to see hat I have done film wise go to WWW.LAURENCEHOGGPRODUCTIONS.CO.UK where all the current releases are listed or check out our clips on YouTube. I am a listed BFI director so our work tends to be of the standard you find in catalogues in the back of Sunday papers aimed at mail order enthusiasts. I would welcome info on any events around the UK we may find interesting or worthy of being part of.