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  1. The dreaded rattle!

    Leaking exhaust manifold gasket can sound like a tractor at times.
  2. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    It would only have been you using it anyway.
  3. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    I have the stand passes. Craig, text me your address and I'll send them to you if you want them.
  4. What have you done to your car today ...

    My neighbour tried it a few years ago. It took him ages to weld up each panel then needed loads of filler and still never looked right. Large panels need either a trim strip or a swage line to break them up or it looks more like an ocean liner than a sports coupe.
  5. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    I'll also be able to get some good pics too.
  6. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    I was thinking about that myself. It will work on Saturday anyway, so yes please. Saves me trying to load those routes into the car sat Nav.
  7. Tow Rope Tour 2017

    A red car It will be just me this time as we double-booked, so Anne is going to next door's wedding on the Saturday.
  8. May Ragley Boat stop meet

    Looks like it will have to be some time in June then.
  9. May Ragley Boat stop meet

    We can do the 21st too. 1. Mel and Phil 2. James, Claire and the girls 3. Steve and Anne
  10. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    Our stand has been confirmed
  11. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    I have asked for a stand for 5 cars.
  12. Supra 7mge camshaft x2

    You would probably be better looking for a decent complete head. If the camsnafts are ruined the journals in the head and cam caps are probably very worn too.
  13. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    I thought they were holding some back to sell later on. I might go for the day if the weather's ok, but haven't got a retro car of any make to put on a stand. The weather was terrible the year before last. We had a storm on the Saturday that blew some of the tents away and flooded some of the site.
  14. March Ragley Boat Stop

  15. Retro Rides 2017 - August 20

    Do we have enough interest for a club stand? Day tickets are available here for £10, or £15 on the gate. Limited number of camping tickets for Friday and Saturday may come on sale on their site at some time too. Names below if you are going and want to put your car on the stand. 1. 2, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.