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Cb4-s Supra MKIII 7M

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I will briefly explain my supra. I also add a few videos that clearly explain my story.

2012 I bought a broken supra.
1989. Dark red.
7MGTE and R154 Manula. In addition, Targa. Everything that can be broken was broken.

Through several years I rebuilt (bodywork was done by a specialist) gradually the whole car.

At first I tried the original parts and got 300 HP and 500Nm form engine. The car was also sold, but I bought it back again.

At the beginning of this year, I started with the engine once again, aiming at min 500hp.

 In the dyno came just over 500 hp and over 700Nm. :tongue:

It is heavily smoothed out. Peak otherwise is 360Kw and 670Nm from back wheels.

Dyno is on 900Kg rolls. On the road, the turbo wakes up already at 3200 rpm(1 bar/14,5psi boost) and the maximum boost is available at 3600-3700 rpm. In the firs gear turbo spools up to 1.5Bar (22 Psi) around 4000 rpm.

I'm slowly developing the car. And the topic is to share thoughts and work done and alsow ask for advice.


The car is my hobby. It can be a dayli driver and a track car(Drag).

Sorry for my mistakes. English is not my native language.

ARP Cover bolts
Bosch 044 gasoline pump
Innovate Motorsports Wideband Broadband Lambda and gauge
Boost gauge
Oil pressure gauge
EGT sensor and gauge
Water-methanol spray (2 nozzles) (no longer in used)
2.5 " inlet pipework
3 " larger intercooler
3.5 "Db Stainless
3.5 "simon reso and stainless release
Electronic boost controller
HSD coilovers (adjustable height, damper stiffness and spring stiffness separately)
NGK candle wires
580cc injectors
First Strutbar
MegaSquirt 2v3 (launch control, flat shift, and more),
Turbo Holset HX 40 Super
Exaust mainfold is self made.
New pistons and rings (NPR)
New bearings (Clevin P)
New AISIN Original Oil Pump (Need to Upgrade)
Cometic MHG gasket
Biltema WG
50mm Blow off

Work done:
Ported and polished block cover
Grinded block (polished)
Inlet Thermal Seals
New ACT clutch disc and original PP (need a new one)
New brake discs and blocks. (need bigger ones)
Swapped oils in difris, engine and box(09.2017).
Replaced coolant
All gaskets, coils, rollers and belts are new.

At the moment, there is a concern with the clutch. Right now i used an ACT (Street) disc and an original PP (at best Clamp), which lived like 250km on current hp. :D


So im looking for new PP and Disc. It has to hold 600Hp and 800Nm (520Whp
and 600lb ft)
I really like Driftmotion Stage 3.5 Clutch Kit for R154


Some pictures and videos from this year.

From 2012 to 2016.

2016 winter - 2017 summer

On drag:

And some pictures:







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Hey thats quite a car - congrats!

well done for using megasquirt too :) I might do that next time ecu blows.

Brakes - A cheap way to get some better brakes is to use some 4 pot brembos from a Mercedes -they bolt more or less straight on. Some mercs use a brembo caliper that fits existing supra discs , or you can get big merc/brembo calipers that use a bigger thicker disc. Easy to find in scrap yards.

I got that same wideband gauge , but none of the other stuff hehe

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Thanks. :)
4-Piston front MB brakes sound interesting. Looked it up, and there are a lot of info about it.


Well see what winter brings and it goes to "to Do list" :)
Main concern now is new Clutch. I can't decide, which i would use.

Last nigt i drove supra in the rain for the firt time with this 500Hp setup. And found out that 500Hp car with no Traction controll and rainy tarmac, is quite intresting :)

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