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What have you done to your car today ...

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" I suspect the petrol might be dodgy"

Well thank god you survived the trial of the dodgy wiring - that could've gotten real ugly.

onwards and upwards to more traditional cranking spluttering and petrol spewing!

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It's alive...


Bypassed the relay and held the pump open all the time, cranked her and she spluttered to life and breathed.


This has taken hours to get to this point. The EFI fuse had blown, and obv I can't bypass the fuel relay permanently, but she lives.


So, 12volt relay modification.


Standard 4-pin relay, 30A fuse

Battery Neg: 85

Old feed from car: 86

Battery Pos: 30

12v feed to pump: 87


if I manually jump 30:87 then it works, otherwise, I don't hear the pump come to life. The relay works fine.


In very, very, very simple pictures and wax crayons, can someone please help me sort this mess out :)

And please include simple steps to poking it with a volt-metre thingy (see, I really don't know what I'm doing).


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It would appear that the fuel pump is ok. I personally would try a new fuel pump relay. Electrics on Toyotas are usually very reliable. Also replace your blown EFI fuse. 

Is the EFI fuse a small cone shaped fuse? If it is you'll see a very small hole on the top. If you put a pin inside you can reset the fuse. What you are doing with the pin is physically pushing the connection together as if it has blown the fuse bends/ buckles inside.


Good luck.

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I did replace the blown EFI fuse. Once that was done the car was cranking. The fuel relay I'm referring to is the one that I've installed to run 12v to the Walbro fuel pump that's fitted. I have to bypass this relay at the moment.


I found an alternative guide online on how to wire it up.


Whilst dodging showers I test fitted the exhaust system. It's, err, kinda obvious that it's naughty. Anyway, whilst eyeing up the space I've got to fabricate the fuel tank shield, I noticed  that unfortunately it appears that the fuel tank has gained a new leak since it last ran.


At this point I walked away from the car. I really CBA with this POS anymore. 


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